June 30, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday, you'll recall, I blogged about the strange death of Mr. Joseph Giampapa in a hit-and-run accident. As you'll recall, this JP Morgan bankruptcy lawyer's death provoked a set of dot-connecting from Jim Willie, who connected the dots to Nazis, the Vatican bank, and so on. Readers of my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations and various blogs on this site concerning the bearer bonds scandals, will recall that some of the Operation Golden Lily loot made its way into the Vatican Bank. Readers will also recall that in my reading of all these strange financial dots, I've been maintaining that Axis loot formed a secret reserve, which was transformed into being the basis of a hidden system of finance to fund covert operations and black projects by President Truman in 1947, the year of Admiral Byrd's return from Antarctica, the year of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the year of Kenneth Arnold's now famous UFO sighting, and of course, the year of Roswell, and the year that the CIA and NSA were birthed by Truman when he signed the national security act which created those agencies. One is tempted to speculate more on these dots and I have done so in my various books. But for the present, our attention must be focused on the Vatican part of this story, and an article that was shared with me by Mr. R.Y.:

Pope Francis Sacks Entire Board of Vatican's Financial Watchdog

Francis, as we all know by now, has his own peculiar connections to the space angle of all of this, given his recent homiletical statements about baptizing extraterrestrials. But as readers will recall, I previously blogged about the fact that Francis had hired the same international accounting company to audit the Vatican Bank as is the auditing company of record for Lloyd's of London and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). And the Vatican Bank has been the eye of other financial storms: one need only think of the mysterious death of Roberto Calvi at London's Blackfriars' Bridge, of the connections of the Vatican Bank to Michele Sindona, or the whole P2 Loge Propaganda Due scandal that burst out in Italy surrounding Licio Gelli; one need only think of the allegations surrounding then bishop and later archbishop Paul Marcinkus, whose connections to the bank, while palpable, remain obscure, and whose role as Pope John-Paul II's security advisor placed him in that pope's inner circle.

Now, notably, Francis has sacked the all-Italian regulatory board and internationalized it:

"The Vatican said the pope named four experts from Switzerland, Singapore, the United States and Italy to replace them on the board of the Financial Information Authority (AIF), the Holy See's internal regulatory office. The new board includes a woman for the first time."

In the context of all the dot-connecting that I've been doing the past few years in my books and in my blogs about this world-wide hidden system of finance, certain centers of financial skullduggery have repeatedly emerged, and they are - surprise surprise! - Switzerland, the USA, Italy, and Asia. Consider the Japanese bearer bond scandal, for example. Two Japanese men(the Asia connection), were caught trying to smuggle $134.5 billion in fake US bearer bonds (the USA connection), which bonds were subsequently denounced by President Obama as fakes, into Switzerland (there's the Swiss connection). They were caught by the Italian Guardia di Finanza, Italy's elite financial police(there's the Italian connection). When the fake bonds were examined, the $1 billion dollar "Kennedy" bonds were found they were stamped the the red logo of a securities trading and clearing company called Money World, which is based in Asia(the Asian connection again). But there's more. Recall that the East Asia News ran a story in which it stated that the bonds were so good that they were indistinguishable from the real thing, which seemed to indicate that someone, somewhere, knew that inspite of the US government's assurances that such highly denominated gold-backed bearer bonds were entirely fake and never existed, someone was asserting otherwise. Scratch and sniff long enough, and you discover that the East Asia News is connected to...

...the Vatican.

And now Francis I, Jose Cardinal Bergoglio, former Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and Argentinian Jesuit, has brought in people from the very regions connected to other financial skullduggery. Suspicious? You bet I am!

For one thing, as the article indicates, Francis wants to put an end to accounts at the Vatican bank that have no connection to his church:

"Francis, who has said Vatican finances must be transparent in order for the Church to have credibility, decided against closing the IOR on condition that reforms, including closing accounts by people not entitled to have them, continued.

"Only Vatican employees, religious institutions, orders of priests and nuns and Catholic charities are allowed to have accounts at the bank. But investigators have found that a number were being used by outsiders or that legitimate account holders were handling money for third parties."

"Third Parties"? Could that be the entire intelligence-financial complex we have been witnessing? After all, the CIA transferred funds to the Papacy of Pius XII in 1948 to forestall a Communist victory in Italy's elections of that year. And I submit that it was then that the Vatican Banks shady dealings with murky elites - consider only Hirohito's depositing of massive sums at the bank! - was expanded. By taking aim at such accounts, Francis is aiming at some highly placed players (like the Japanese Imperial family), and intelligence agencies.

So, could we possibly be looking less at an action from Francis, and more at a "bowing to pressure"?

I don't know about you, but my guess is, you can bank on it.

See you on the flip side.