1. Robert Barricklow

      Loved it!
      The way I read it. TTIP = Corporate Dictatorship. Western Ideology = neo/electronic feudalism.. The principles of globalization = Grabitization. NSA exposed by Rothchild agents like Snowden& Greenwald. Iron curtain- electronic wall. Left cover right wing agents = Clinton, Blair, etc. Corporate media all but ignoring everything BUT pure propaganda and bling/glitz. France is repeating history of kissing the Nazi ring aka chalk full of collaborators. Dollars backed by military might in a policy of Might makes Right. The people betrayed vs traitorous govts

      Owned By Wolves / Governed By Dogs!!!

  1. Robert Barricklow

    The governments worldwide continue to be the antithesis of the peoples’ will. The BRICSA look to be pulling away from that anti-people model in certain key areas of policy including GMOs. This is great. It is however key that the information on GMOs continues to be accessible to the world at large so that truth has a chance to get it pants on(Mark Twain reference).

    1. Your link doesn’t seem to need a sub in Oz, so thanks for giving it. dr Farrell’s link doesn’t work as you say.

      1. Hi DaphneO, From that page are you able to access the article “Crisis Alert for European governance – Risk of a Very Large Separation between EU leaders/European people” ? If so, can you post a good link for it here? Thanks …

  2. marcos toledo

    Unfortunately I can’t access the site so I can’t comment on the article. But these EU airheads are trapped in their own fantasies to know how to reign in European tribalism and put together a workable European federation they have been had this problem since the fall of the Roman Empire.

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