cosmic war


June 4, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

While we're on the subject of space news, there is once again more high strangeness coming out about the subject, in addition to the high strangeness of building bigger rockets. As we noted in the past three days' blogs, the Orion project appears slated to continue, for the foreseeable and near future, the theater of chemical rockets while the real technologies are quietly developed and utilized elsewhere. But there's more strange strangeness that fits right into the category of "the downright bizarre," as there is now talk of using the Moon to archive copies of the Torah(the Hebrew text of the first five books of the Bible):

Ancient Texts to be sent to the Moon

Taking the Torah to the MOON: Sacred Jewish scroll could hitch ride on Google spacecraft to preserve Earth's culture in event of an apocalypse

Now, for readers of my book The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics, and Ancient Texts, this will sound a little familiar. In that book I posited a "paleoancient" (the redundancy meaning to emphasize "beyond ancient") civilization in high antiquity that was a space-faring civilization. I also posited a war was fought by extraordinarily sophisticated and destructive technologies, and that some of these technologies were deliberately destroyed, and some, which could not be destroyed, were hidden, and I suggested our local celestial neighbors, the Moon and Mars, might have been convenient hiding places. These technologies, I averred, consisted primarily of a kind of information, and hence, their hiding places could be loosely construed as "archives" or "libraries" or to use that most shop-worn term in the alternative community, "halls of records."

And now, by dint of modern technology and similar apocalyptic contexts, the same thing is being proposed again. Notably, some of the texts that they wish to secure on the Moon are precisely Vedic texts, texts which recount that ancient cosmic war, and the I Ching, which could be tied - albeit at first glance implausibly - to Sumeria, Babylonia, and its celebrated "Tablets of Destinies." One can imagine other texts that should be included: the Egyptian Pyramid, Coffin, and Edfu temple texts, the Mesopotamian Epics, and so on down through the Magna Carta and other documents. 

There is a possibility, however, lurking behind these ideas, and in my usual bent toward "high octane speculation," it has to be mentioned. What if such calls are really calls masking another project, namely, behind the search for "good sites to secure an archive," the search for things already archived? After all, the search for good archival sites for present things could easily be made to mask or disguise a search for archival sites for past things. And with the talk lately from NASA that it wants to send a probe to Mars to bring back "stuff" for "study," such a program could easily be made to mask a search for some of those hypothesized "archived things" from paleoancient times.

In short, I suspect what we may be looking at here is another act in the "space theater" that we've been covering in recent weeks. To be sure, archiving human texts and traditions is a praiseworthy effort in its own right, but such schemes can be made to do double duty and to fulfill more than one objective. I suspect, probably like many readers here, that behind all the talk of "taking things there" and "bringing things here" that we are looking at an attempt to search for, and if possible recover, some of those things.

The interesting thing is why now? Why this strange talk of archiving things on our celestial neighbors against the possibility of an "apocalypse", a meme almost exactly parallel to what I proposed in The Cosmic War. It's that strange parallel that makes me think we're looking at yet another bit of "social engineering" taking place, along the order of "look at what we found while we were attempting to archive our stuff! We found other stuff!" It's a clever idea, really, when you think about it.

See you on the flip side.