1. Robert Barricklow

    I too have opened Pandora’s box and found hope.
    Hope that the public/people vs Private/Corporate struggle goes to the mat with the public calling the shots. As of now the balance is swinging towards private. In corporate speak, “the process”[their absolute favorite term], is being masked by the PPP, Public-Private-Partnerships[next to the process, the corporate-speak lunch of champions is any kind of alphabet soup]. These are just fronts for the eating up of the commons.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      All these manifestations have history. That is why I read Dr Farrell’s books. His analyses not only digs deep, but beyond the call of duty to alert the reader to possible reasons behind the moves being played across the globe. There is history; and the there is DEEP History.
      That is when scholarship becomes art[in my minds’ eye].

  2. marcos toledo

    The BRICAS’s are really setting up a very comprehensive charter for their new organization. I hope they will be able to get out from under the yoke of the of Western Europeans imperialism and not fall under the Western Asian possible future imperialism under the banner of Islam.

    1. I am WAY behind in my reading but it is clear from Babylon’s Banksters that the Asians have not only been in this game for millennia but may very well be the source of our take down starting in 2000. I have seen nothing to suggest that Catherine Austin Fitts does not agree with this analysis (and she would have an opinion since her first degree was in Chinese). It is clear to me that the Chinese will be the new Imperial Power… or the IP of the world not just their continent. The other BRI_SA nations will be along for the ride.

      I know that Islam is present in China but I really doubt they will be allowed any majority status.

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