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July 19, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

I had fully expected to begin this week's blogs with a review of some of the geopolitical stories of the past month, but after my News and Views from the Nefarium and yesterday's blog, I've been virtually flooded with news and articles about the subject of the shootdown of Malaysia Air flight 17, none of which I have had any time to check out.  So why am I trying to summarize some of the recent finds here? Well, for one thing, as a kind of cultural mirror of what we've become: we've become a world that no longer buys easy official stories about anything, and in a way, that's a good thing. But it's also a bad thing, because it demonstrates how low the standing of western institutions has fallen. And they have only themselves to blame.The second reason I'm sharing all these stories is to show how quickly people now begin to gather data and analyze, and how each such event does seem to have a multi-leveled nature, as if several motivations or objectives were being accomplished all at once. Here's what some of that snooping and sniffing has already found out, along with my usual high octane speculation commentary:

Mama Merkel is (Pretending to be?) Out of Her Chancellorial Mind

Yea, you guessed it: the West's organs of mass disinformation and hypnotism are already pointing the finger of suspicion at Russia, and Mama Merkel wants to be part of the fun:

World Leaders Match Anger With Calls for Inquiry Into Ukraine Plane Crash

OK, so maybe Mama Merkel wasn't pointing the finger of suspicion as loudly at Russia as everyone else seems to be (after all, she knows that Russia has nothing to gain, and Russia knows she knows, and she knows that Russia knows that she knows, and they both know that the NSA knows that she knows that Russia knows that she knows). But she does seem to be cheerily goosestepping along with Washington's line that Russia is to blame for the whole Ukrainian fiasco, which most people also know is nonsense, and Mama Merkel knows this, knows that Russia knows it, and knows that Russia knows that she knows that Russia knows &c. And she knows Germany gets a lot of its energy from Russia. We'll get back to Germany in tomorrow's blog, by way of a stopover in France. The bottom line here to remember is that it's an old chancellorial tradition, since Bismarck, for German chancellors to say one thing to keep London and Washington happy (notice I left out Paris, which is currently very unhappy), while quietly setting out to do very different things, like absorb Austria and Czechoslovakia, or expel CIA station chiefs.

Blame Russia, for it is the Home of Moustache Twirling Evil:

As if on cue, the current sock puppet-in-chief has weighed in to denounce Russia with a string of somersaulting non sequiturs truly breathtaking in its scope and intensity:

Monitors find confusion, hostility at Malaysia Airlines crash site

The "logic" here is truly a wonder to behold: (1) Russian missiles did it (2) the rebels had Russian missiles, (3) Russians had to train them (4) Russia is guilty, (5) we need more sanctions against Russia (hidden text here: "Will you guys over at the CIA pleeaase find those poison cigars that you were going to use on Castro and send some to Putin?") Now, what's missing in this whole analysis is the very annoying problem of why Russia, or for that matter, Ukrainian rebels, would want to scuttle their prospects in world opinion by shooting down a civilian airliner, either by accident or by intention. It makes no geopolitical sense. Then there's the little teensy weensy problem of point number 3 above. Russian missiles don't necessarily have to come directly from Russia, and even if they did, they don't necessarily have to have Russians train the rebels. Pretty much anyone who's kept up their subscription to Jane's Defence Weekly would probably have some idea how to do it (we assume, of course, for the sake of argument here, that Msrs. Poroshenkorruption, Soros and Brzznsk are regular readers).

Was the Flight Deliberately Diverted over the Donetsk Region?

This one pretty much speaks for itself:

Was Flight MH-17 Diverted Over Restricted Airspace?

Except for another teensy problem: if it was diverted, who did the diverting? Given the West's rather low standing in the aftermath of the Ukraine fiasco  not even the West has anything to gain by staging such an event(yes I know I know, you're supposed to say "Ukraine" now without the definite article, but I'm sorry, I refuse to butcher the English language just for the sake of being "PC", it's still the United Kingdom, and in my obsolete grammar book, it's still the Ukraine, Ketchup Kerry's droning pronouncements notwithstanding). Of course, if it didn't, then who did? (And no, for the Israel-is-behind-everything-bad-that-happens crowd, I don't think they did either. Just because they exploited the crisis in Gaza doesn't mean they're behind the shootdown.) I'm still waiting for someone to blame _____ (Fill in the blank with your favorite "evil nation", Iran, China, Syria, Mon(ster)santo, &c).

Then there was that Italian Airliner Thing...

Now, this one is one of those "memory recall" moments, sent to me in an email, so I don't have an article to share, but Mr. S.D., a regular reader here, sent me an email reminding me about the NATO/French attempts to shoot down Qadaffi's airplane with French fighters, until, according to some reports, Italy, with ties to Libya dating from before World War Two, quietly informed Qadaffi of the effort. Then, you'll recall, an Italian airliner was shot down.... accidentally of course.

And then finally, there are the Passengers...

This one comes courtesy of The Huffington Post, whose headline says it all:

Malaysia Airlines MH17 Flight Carried Up To 100 AIDS Researchers - 'The Cure For AIDS Could Have Been On That Plane'

True enough, like flight 370, this flight seems more than suspiciously loaded with people with "unusual interests and expertise" that, in the typical modus operandi of the sorts of evil people that do such evil things, could have been a corollary objective, for it's a favorite technique of mounting such operations that several operational goals or objectives are combined. So again, the question of cui bono is relevant.

But it seems clear who does not benefit from such an operation: none of the countries or major powers mentioned really has anything to gain by planning and executing such an operation (in my opinion), neither the Ukraine, nor Russia, nor Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, and yes, not even Iran or Israel or China or Mon(ster)santo or any of the usual "bad guys". To be sure, it is the rule of geopolitics that if an event occurs that you haven't orchestrated or engineered, then if it is possible to do so, you exploit it for your own purposes.

Which leaves an interesting question, doesn't it? For if all that is the case, then who did do it? From the threadbare bits of data thus far gathered, it certainly appears that this was someone's deliberate act. The real question is, whose?

See you on the...

Oh yea, one more thing: there are also some saying that the bodies were already dead, and some, of course, are already saying that the bodies of MH 17 are in reality the bodies of MH 370... Just had to mention it for the sake of completeness:

Bizarre Account of Malaysian 'Plane Crash'

Rebel Leader Gives Bizarre Account of Plane Crash

See you on the flip side.