cosmic war


July 22, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

While all the geopolitical-financial shenanigans have been going on "down below" here on planet Earth, Congress has its eye on the future of finance and outer space, for a bill has been introduced in Congress recognizing private property rights on asteroids:

Asteroid Mining Bill Introduced In Congress To Protect Private Property Rights

There's a hugely significant statement with hugely significant implications in this short article:

"The crucial part of the short piece of legislation states that the resources mined from an asteroid would be the property of the entity undertaking the operation. This language gets around the provision of the Outer Space Treaty that says states are forbidden to establish national sovereignty over celestial bodies, which would be a prerequisite to the United States allowing a private entity to own an asteroid. It rather grants mineral rights to the asteroid, something the treaty does not mention. There is no enforcement mechanism in the event of a dispute with another country, however."

For those who've been following my analysis, I've been arguing that (1) a secret system of finance was put into place after World War Two, utilizing Axis loot (and hence the cooperation of the post-war Axis elite), (2) this was directly managed by the intelligence-finance-military-industrial complex, or, to put it more bluntly, the intelligence community was put directly into the international finance business, and (3) this whole scheme was done for the purpose of a long-term secret research project designed to develop exotic space capabilities and emulate UFO performance.

Such a scheme, as I've been arguing, implied as a necessary component of such a secret financial architecture the following things: (1) the participation of some prime banks or at least key individuals within them in key management and accounting/investment positions, and (2) the ability to manipulate markets (eventually through penetrated technological means, high frequency trading being perhaps one manifestation of this requirement). As a result of these requirements, and particularly of the first, some "gain" had to be present for said financial institutions to participate, and this, I have argued, was the secretive "collateralization" of whatever might be found in space, either in terms of any resources or in terms of any recovered artifacts or technologies discovered. This, for those who have followed my analysis of the bearer bonds scandals, and in particular the first one, the "Japanese Bearer bond scandal", was in my opinion the meaning of the scandals, and the message in particular of the first one, with its evidently hoaxed "Kennedy Billion Dollar bearer bond" with its suggestive allusion to space activities on the reverse side of the "bond."

Within this context, it appears that Congress might be posed to make it "official," and that carries with it some huge implications, for by "recognizing" mineral rights of private companies purchasing such things on, say, an asteroid or other planet such as the Moon or Mars, then this ipso facto extends - in a very imperial fashion - the standards of American jurisprudence and law to outer space. And as the article also avers, it creates the potentiality for conflicts over those resources. The model that we are watching emerge is the creation of all the fundamentals to create space-based versions of the "East Indies companies" that so dramatically drove European expansion and imperialism from the 1600s to the early 1900s. One may think in terms of the "American Asteroid Indies Company" or the "Franco-German Planetary Mining Consortium" and so on.

In short, what this bill is also really about is the eventual weaponization of space(which I personally believe has already been long underway).

It remains to be seen how the rest of the space-faring powers will deal with it, but if recent announcements are any indicator, they already know the nature of the imperial game that is now emerging in space.

See you on the flip side.