14 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JULY 31, 2014”

  1. FedGov.Inc has to stop the BRIICSSAA juggernaut from leaving the station. Once the rest of the World sees you can live w/o being forced to use $FRN/$USD then they’ll be a stampede to the BRIICSSA trading block of ~150 nations. I’m sure the BRIISCSAA will have to deal with false flag attacks across a wide spectrum.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      There will be a full spectrum onslaught attacks hitting the BRICSA individually & collectively. The last thing they want are the people getting a taste of what real liberty, free markets, a free press; all the things that were once fought for, and are now disappearing in the “West”.


      And then if that doesn’t work, they start WW111.
      Of course, “they’ll” be off world and/or underground.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      Or releasing a modified version of ebola?
      Jon Rappoport has an interesting blog article on what’s going on with ebola.

  2. Major groveling apologies for being “off topic”, but I hadn’t realized “Thrice Great Hermetica & The Janus Age” had been released. I thought it was slated for September? I’ve had it in my Amazon cart as “available for pre-order” — just noticed today it is now listed as “in stock” (and presumably selling like hotcakes). I ordered it, and then later stopped into a bookstore and yep, there it was on the shelf. It looks great!

    Now back to our Hacker Defense Programming, a fine new addition to the impressive, extensive portfolio of Nefarious Schemes Inc.

    1. Not really off topic, there were banker-related struggles in the Middle Ages too, but they didn’t have high frequency trading then so things played out over decades instead of merely in hours…

  3. Wasn’t it Grayson that “grilled’ the inspector general of the Fed about the trillions given to “other parties” ?
    It sure was and watch this video and look at the body language of this woman as she tries to dodge the bullets, what a sleezy piece of work she is.

  4. What’s the old cliché among the underworld if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime. Or to put it another way you reap what you sow or the chickens coming home to roost. Now who will do the cyber attack on the USA the Palestinians for the latest Gaza slaughter festival or maybe they may be joined by some tech savvy indigenous Americans for a little payback for all the centuries of abuse.

    1. I’ve wondered if Grayson is actually quite decent and doing his best under very difficult circumstance before, partly due to the video you linked to. Thank goodness someone in the Senate spoke up on this issue.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Dr. Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts & many others have said that one of the objectives of The Breakaway Civilization, or whatever nomenclature being used to identify those with “real” power, is to commercial it all, including space. To privatize it all.
    Add Max Keiser to that growing list. In his latest report, today, he says, that IS The Master Plan – To Privatize It All.


    (he leads up to his conclusion, stating it at about 12:00 clicks in)

  6. Robert Barricklow

    The BRICSA is the casus belli of actions that have been talking place, are, and will be down the pipeline. For example, the first missing MH flight was an operation to bring into play later as the MH flight shot down.(see Dennis Cimino & Nick Kollerstrom 7/21/14
    Now the Rothschild’s Inc. & their ilk, are set to get a pass on conducting cyber attacks globally, on any & all financial targets; individuals, corporations, countries, alphabet soup agencies, etc., – to rape & pillage at will.
    With the overall target behind said action as being the BRICSA.

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