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July 25, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

There is a very interesting story about a recent meeting between Pope Francis I, and victims of child sex abuse within the Roman Catholic Church. According to the following article, the Pope made his statements, and asked for forgiveness, in a homily he delivered during a mass for some of these victims. Here's the story:

Pope begs victims for forgiveness for crimes of ‘sacrilegious cult’ behind sex abuse

I hope you caught the same statement that leaped out at me, but in case you didn't, here it is in context:

"Pope Francis begged forgiveness Monday from the victims of clergy sex abuse as he held his first meeting with several abuse survivors — but another victim called the gathering nothing more than “a PR event.”

"The Vatican quoted Francis as expressing personal “sorrow” in his homily at a private Mass with six victims for the “sins and grave crimes” of clerical sex abuse against them.

"Francis compared the crimes to those of a “sacrilegious cult” and pledged “not to tolerate harm done to a minor by any individual, whether a cleric or not,” and promised that bishops “will be held accountable.'"(All emphases added)

For those who do not know of the care with which the Vatican composes and stages any public statement, especially those with potential diplomatic effects for hidden power politics, this is a huge statement, for it comes as close as any statement - at least to my personal knowledge - that any Catholic prelate, much less a Pope, has ever made to admitting that the problem is not simply endemic or systematic, but rather, the result of a hidden organization and effort and even cultic practice. It is as close to an admission that there is an international conspiracy of sorts within (and in my opinion, also external to) the the Roman Catholic Church that utilizes such practices. This statement, in conjunction with the article's mention of the practice of bishops and other hierarchs within the Roman Church of protection parish priests against whom allegations have been made. While one can appreciate the difficult legalities that such hierarchs are put in when any such allegation is made, the practice itself also is suggestive of organization. Indeed, the late Fr. Malachi Martin made similar allegations of an actual organization behind such activity in his last book, the novel Windswept House.

It was a hugely significant statement for the Pope to make, and it will not earn him any friends, especially if such an organization exists, and especially during a time when the United Kingdom is being rocked with its own child sex scandals that engulf Members of Parliament. These scandals are not new there either: the Saville scandal, by some people's lights, goes all the way back to engulf the Heath Government of the 1970s.

When one looks at such scandals, it becomes difficult to avoid the conclusion that some such network, or perhaps a network of overlapping networks, exists, for if one compares the continuing story within the Roman Church, the Saville-related scandals in the UK, the Franklin scandal and related topics in the USA, the raison d'etre for such a hideous network becomes clear: ensnare the wealthy and the powerful in some scandal involving child sex, slavery, or worse, and they then become your willing tools, be they bishops, popes, presidents, or potentates.

It is, if I may borrow an observation of Catherine Austin Fitts, part of the methodology of the "control file."

Francis, in my opinion, at least deserves a little credit for coming as close as anyone on the international stage to saying it's an international network or organization.

See you on the flip side.