1. Many of the readings are in the 40 to 60 range. What were the readings pre-Fuki? Does anybody know if readings 40-to 60 are dangerously high? How do these readings compare to populated areas in the US that surround nuke plants? People in Vernon, VT love their nuke plant cause it reduces their property taxes.

    1. Robert, Im not seeing the connection in your link to Fukishima fallout unless you are linking Israeli domestic US terrorism theories to the somewhat tenuous Israeli Fukishima meltdown conspiracy?
      Indeed there is increased radiation levels throughout North America. I have been tracking health Canada’s radiation monitoring system and its is inaccurate. They are not allowing the true picture to be seen.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Hi RAJM
        First a term worth defining/Parapolitics: the real use of power as opposed to the publicly-acknowledged use of power.
        So when we are getting in Israeli territory it is parapolitics as a given. Just starting with the sinking Of the USS Liberty and ending with Fukushima Israeli involvement personified. 9/11, JFK, the list is replete with interest counterproductive to not only US citizens,; but most of the world at large.
        The above post was really in reference to radiation as a threat. Fukushima was a threat carried out by the US/Israel. In fact a lot of the aforementioned parapolitics was from that shadow government of players for Israel within high echelons of the US government. Thus, the article I posted, referred to said dual-citizenships, and the hidden-Israeli-nukes ready to be triggered on U.S. soil – unless blackmail demands, by Israel, are complied with. Japan didn’t, & was Fukushimeed. There is precedence for this. Who knows, maybe the USS Liberty was a threat carried out, then immediately backed up by another such threat – to avoid U.S immediate retaliation for the USS Liberty. Once Nixon had refused to deliver parts for Israeli jets, engaged in a Hot-War, and was threatened with Israel nuking Moscow unless those parts came ASAP.
        So this long-winded hot-reply was all to say that these Israeli nukes are radiation-in-wait, a sword of Damocles hanging as a useful blackmail threat(that have & will be carried out). Is it fact? I don’t know.

        But I stand I’m Admiral Mullin…
        for people trying to put the crazies back in the box.

          1. Robert,

            Nuclear weapons, Israeli or not, are primitive weapons that can barely be used.

            (I know that there are rumors of low radiation nukes, but that doesn’t have much to do with this Fukushima thing.)

            Also that’s “attempted sinking of the Liberty”.

          2. Robert Barricklow

            That’s why I preferenced parapolitics. Like the managed perception of democracy with free elections to choose your president and representatives. The real use of power doesn’t allow this except on an elaborate & extremely expensive stage set for the masses. Real power has existed for God knows how long on Earth. But that money/religion were the tools, that that power used, I have know doubt. The magic, in The Arthur C Clarke vein, was also employed. And that same Clarke Magic[employed now by “human” mind/hands] brought down the twin towers. And is being used in Covert Wars that appear to be Acts of God.
            Nuclear power is primitive. Fukushima a made to happen. Zero Point Energy is being distributed elsewhere by parapolitics.
            It has everything to do with Fukushima, because Fukushima is “the managed perception” of the real stage; that if anything, is but pure theatre for the believers.

          3. Robert Barricklow

            As an aside, this is what disappoints me in regards to Webster Tarpley, in that he promotes nuclear energies.

          4. Robert Barricklow:

            Unfortunately, when that giant piece of scenery, Fukushima, comes crashing down it kills people and poisons the countryside. At least the collapse of the WTC didn’t cause anything like that level of contamination.

            Tarpley mostly seems like a distraction, sort of like Alex Jones in a slightly different vein. I’m more struck by ancient Hittite ruins and statues preserved in Syrian museums.

          5. Robert Barricklow

            WW1 & WW11 also were orchestrated.
            Although Fukushima did, also, cause a lot of deaths.
            Does it matter the scale?

        1. Robert:

          You realize that Nixon was not the US president when the Israelis attacked the “Liberty”?

          Also no clear that Israel could deliver nuclear weapons to Moscow in 1967, that had likely changed by 1973, when Nixon was president.

  2. Jean Michelle Cousteau during a speaking engagement said that he would not eat Blue Fin tuna. The risk was not worth it. I have quit eating anything out of the Pacific on GP. The majority of the rads are being carried into the Ocean via ground water. Where algae concentrates heavy metals 80:1. Algae is the lowest wrung on the food chain..

  3. GOD those reactors in Fukushima for purposes have contaminated all of Japan and that’s for starters. The Japanese must be insane to continue using nuclear power.

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