1. Gerry Vassilatos, in a you tube posted radio interview, said he believes that HAARP is a power plant project investigating the production of power by sucking energy from the aurora. Possibly another challenge to the fossil fuel cartel. He said the Eskimos have had terrifying experiences of the aurora borealis actually hitting the land and scorching it. Being a long tome “tinkerer” he can look at stuff and understand how it works.

  2. There is also the “not so obvious” obvious we’re shutting it down to allow the NSA to operate it under a dummy corporation scenario too.

  3. marcos toledo

    This story is like the idea that Area 51 is no longer in business. I just wonder what the new mission of HAARP really is and if it’s being moved where will it’s new base of operation will be.

    1. Some suggest that mobile phone masts are now performing in a HAARP like manner. Telecom engineers have stated the power input into these masts that are located on virtually every street corner nowadays is far in excess of what’s actually required to power them. Hidden in plain sight maybe.

  4. If it’s really so obsolete it could be turned into a theme park with guided tours: “Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we activated to cause a little earthquake somewhere in the Pacific, and a little storm somewhere else…no, no, NOT New Orleans why would we do that?…”.

    1. Hurricanes are perfectly normal for the Caribbean in September.

      How usual it is for hurricanes moving south and west to turn 90 degrees to the north is a different question.

      Anyhow, Katrina didn’t exactly hit New Orleans, and the levees broke the next day.

  5. Is it possible that there is a link between all THREE of the latest posts: that is: interference with radar detection, HAARP (or to carry that out further, the idea that there must be a more mobile version of HAARP that the Air Force undoubtedly has which is why they proposed tearing down the antiquated Alaska prototypic model) and the proposal by Russians to build a Tesla wireless transmitter (and the implications that such a transmitter could be used for “dastardly deeds”)? Justa axin’.

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