1. So NATO who twittering it’s thumbs with nothing to justify their existence is back to playing chicken with the Russians and the rest of the world. Grow up and get a life folks your playing a dangerous and deadly game lots of living creatures and get hurt and killed thanks to your antics.

  2. NATO naval “Breeze 2014” exercises were held from July 4 thru July 13, as per “Dueling NATO, Russia Naval Exercises On Black Sea” at http://www.EurasiaNet.org/node/68961.

    ‘Vessels took part from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Britain & U.S.’ as per VoA & Eurasianet.

    “Sea Breeze” name changed to “Breeze 2014” possibly because Ukraine had almost always hosted “Sea Breeze” naval exercises — until 2014.

    USS Vincennes & USS Donald Cook did not participate. ;-).

    1. Anyone see this in the second article above,

      “Romanian Navy said exercises involved commercial traffic monitoring, reaction to asymmetric threat warnings, anti-submarine warfare and artillery firing.”

      This article was published on July 17th at 9:42 am, hours before the plane crashed. The exercises were supposedly finished days prior on the 13th, but why was this article written 5 days later? The whole thing smells fishy.

  3. Thomas Mattingly

    Yes, Joseph, the U.S.-Army/Europe “Rapid Trident 14” military exercise was postponed, as per your linked Army Times article.

    However, without Ukraine, NATO did hold its “Breeze 2014” naval military exercises at or about time of MH17 shoot-down. See “NATO Holds Reduced Black Sea Naval Exercises without Ukraine” at http://rt.com/news/170380-sea-breeze-2014-bulgaria (July 4 article).

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Webster Tarpley, related in above show that, the “Breeze” 2014 was a departure from the SOP “Sea Breeze” nomenclature, used for years.

      1. Now it comes out in the news “U.S. spy plane fleeing Russian jet invaded Swedish airspace on July 18th. The day after the Ukraine plane crash. They sure we’re busy that week.

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