11 thoughts on “TIDBIT: THEN THERE’S THIS…”

  1. Now “NATO” admits it was conducting “secret” military exercises off the Ukrainian coast at the time of the MH17 incident

  2. Possibly? ….. Implement The Uninterruptable Auto Pilot (Via Ukraine Escort Fighter), Fly The 777 North Of Proper Flight Path, Disable The Transponder, From There It’s A Case Of Mistaken Identity.

    The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Whilst Not Effective, Could Be Seen To Be Generating An Open Awareness Of The Truth.

    With Malaysian Airlines Owned By A Malaysian Government Holding Company, Making It A Government Asset, This Would See Malaysia Becoming The Whipping Boy, As An Example To The Rest Of The World.

  3. I’m going with that it was a false flag directed at Russia. Final answer. As Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. The Matrix system seems programmed to continually generate information to confound us more and more. My advice to everyone: Go back to watching baseball.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Off topic.
    The Breakaway Civilization conference has this edited version of a 90 minute presentation by Jon Rappoport. [Guns and Butter]

    If this runs true to course, there should be other presentations in the following weeks. I’ve got my fingers croosed.

    1. Very interesting, Larry. Do you recall that there was also a “twin” 777 that was located in an Israeli hangar at the time that M370 disappeared and that had people scratching their heads about what it was doing there? Gee. An Israeli connection?


      I’d say something might very well add up…

  5. The ball appears to be in the BRIIICSAA’s court (~150 countries). Will they call or fold? And /or will anti AngloSphere forces pull a rabbit out of the hat by distablizing $USD? The most interesting question is will events be scripted or unscripted?

  6. marcos toledo

    Now we might have a reason Malaysia Airlines have been targeted of late. Those people in Kuala Lumpur have dared to setup their own war crimes tribunal we the defenders of freedom and justice can’t have that happening. The West for the first time in over seventy years might have to stand in the dock for their crimes.

  7. Malaysia is an extraordinary and technologically advancing country.
    All that lecturing about “human rights” during the B.O. visit there last April had a false ring about it; there is something afoot, and the Empire has probably clapped its greedy eyes on something in that corner of the world that has escaped the attention of most people

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