1. Thanks for this important report Joseph~

    I concur with other observers here that President Putin has made another important move, which is part of the changing world economic architecture demonstrated by the BRICS leadership.

    Now part of the problem of the West, America in particular, is that we abandoned agriculture, after we finally recognized its fundamental economic importance, by letting the policy of Parity from the 1942 Steagall Amendment lapse, get witled down and then done away with in 1949 even though the Agricultural Emergency of 1933 is still on the books and could be revised by a sane President.


    There is a lot in this article and related materials on basic economics everyone has forgotten, but maybe Putin’s mover serves to awaken us to some basic realities.

    I have always said “Not a Gold Standard, a Seed Standard”
    B. Marshall

  2. Milton Zentmyer

    One issue that is most interesting in light of this article, is that the US is experiencing a collapse of bee populations which in turn effects all crops that rely on them for pollination notably fruits. Those countries that are supplying those foods to Russia are not having this problem. Monstersanto strikes again.

    These elites really do have a death wish for the world. Russia and the other BRICS nations are not willing to offer up their people to weakening and death via starvation and disease through foods, vaccines and the corporate medical borg bent on depopulation.

    I’m so happy for the chess game and the revelations that come from each move. God bless Putin and the BRICS.

  3. Back in 2009 the Pontifical Academy of Sciences held a bio-tech conference with MonsterSanto sponsorship, I wonder if they are now having second thoughts.
    As for Russian purchases from Turkey and Israel, this represents a truly Machiavellian irony for the neocon cabal. Who else would have thought of countering “ISIS” (or “ISIL”) pressure in Syria by using lemons and kiwis?
    And as an aside, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador are countries with particularly intense UFO activity and have also released some official files on this topic…

  4. I’d imagine the phones of all the EU trade ministers are jumping off the tables, as EU food suppliers are complaining that they are being hit in the “bread basket” just because the Washington goons want to put Putin out of play. You cannot tell me that the sanctions by the west against Russia would make Putin change his mind on ANYTHING!
    Anyway, as Joseph says, those foddie guys in South America must be elated at the news, and are grabbing new trade with Russia with both hands, the BRICSA might look like this very soon.
    BRICSA-A-V-C and possibly even Cuba.

  5. Once again, Vlad Putin does not hesitate to punch the AngloSphere in the bread basket when they are guarding someplace else. Gee imagine, the world shunning GMO and destroying it’s ill gotten market share. Let’s not forget that AngloSphere livestock is fed GMO everything and the animals are so medicated as to cause girls of 10 to start growing breasts. It’s important to remember that GMO producers have a Dr. Evil mentality..They’re not quite stable. This is gonna hit them where it hurts. I’m expecting the BRIIICSSAA to land more body blows until the time they can land a serious head shot.. But, the main thing you have to realize, is that Putin is playing Rope-A-Dope, whilst Uncle Sugar keeps punching away. Putin isn’t wasting energy, landing more effective blows and setting us up for a serious fall.

  6. Looks like the jerks from planet Bizarrio have done it again shot themselves in the face this time. Just played into Vladimir Putin hands as usual Washington DC is on fantasy island caught in a time warp of their own making. One can’t go home again grow up kids it’s time to leave the play pen neo-cons.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Good to see Russia playing the “never waste a crisis opportunity” card. Especially, an engineered crisis. Now that the West has played into Putin’s adept hand; it will be interesting to see how the West reacts.

    F. William Engdahl is on the same page with your take:


    US-Russia Sanctions War A Golden Opportunity

    1. Robert, as usual you and a lot of others who follow along here have seen this sort of scenario unfolding for a long time. Also, don’t you get the sense that Putin is playing a ‘martial arts’ game whereby he allows his opponent to make the first move, which he has already anticipated? Then he has a counter-move, a counter-thrust if you will, ready to deliver while his opponent is off-balance?

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