1. Perhaps Russian exports of GM-free foods can be imported into America? Unlikely, the FDA would banned them due to safety reasons, you know, too safe to consume.

    Let these words sink-in my fellow Americans: It is the established precedence of the FDA that Americans have “no fundamental right to [our] own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods [we] do and do not choose to consume for [our]selves and [our] families, because [we] do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food [we] wish.”

    By what authority have Americans, by their implied consent, been made into experimental guinea pigs? Ever heard of a little bill the House passed on December 21, 2010, H.R. 2751: called the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act? It was also passed in the Senate and signed by al-Obama.

    BTW, does anyone see any significance that the day it passed, December 21, is also the beginning of an age-old cycle of death and rebirth of a god? I will give out 100,000 bonus points to anyone who can identify the name(s) of the god.

  2. And China has refused to renew biosafety certificates that allowed research groups to grow genetically modified (GM) rice and corn. The permits, to grow two varieties of GM rice and one transgenic corn strain, expired on 17 August.

    Hmmmm. Earth to India …. the ship is leaving, all aboard!

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Again Kissinger referred to the money, energy & food as being the levers to control the global and force it into compliance with the Top .01% @ the expense of 99.99% of the human population.
    Now Russia moves in the right direction staring with the food.
    One small step for Russia; one giant leap for mankind.

  4. So a Nestle official admits GMOs are at best over priced junk and I wonder who put the truth serum in what ever he eat or drank at the place he gave that talk. As for Russia I hope their minsters continue protecting their citizens health and safety unlike the Western governments distain and indifference.

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