1. Robert Barricklow

    The Euro just about as bad as the dollar. I’m looking at a “public” versus “private” currency aspect. Thus, control remains “elitist”, or for 1% at the expense of all. Rothschild basically. Very suspicious in my minds eye. Yugoslavia was more a “community” than a Westernized colony; thus, expendable. Germany just a trigger.
    I’d rather see a more stark split between a debt cancerous peonage system verses a public based system that benefits all. In other words, open “systems” versus “closed systems”.

    1. The Euro as unit of account in these exchanges of value-based instruments could make it “hybrid” or even a transistion factor, i.e. lead it, and the rest of the system away from the debt-based central bank structure.
      Then we might speculate that these direct exchanges in energy – basically hydrocarbons – taking place outside the “magic circle” of the Anglosphere monetary fraud might have the unexpected consequence of speeding up the release of the new energy paradigm…

  2. Wondering when the USA will be thrown under the oncoming train and how long we have to wait for it to happen. Germany destroyed Yugoslavia who will push the destruct button on the USA.

  3. value exchanges = barter system ….. and that means bye bye US dollar use as world reserve currency

  4. Frankly I wouldn’t like to be in Frau Merkel’ shoes. She’s is getting really good at sitting on the fence, BUT, she will eventually have to go one way or the other, based on “local” political events in her own country. The US has a very large BAT, and will no doubt let Frau Merkel know that if she sneezes, she may end up at target of some sort of reprisal or threat. I mean the US has threatened countries before, think Japan here, so Germany is the meat in the sandwich, and realizes that it may get “eaten up” in this political banquet.

  5. If Germany opts out of the dollar for energy sales and then expands that to internal trade with the rest of the EU. I expect page 16 coverage in the MSM.. The $FRN as WRC is one of the major reasons for the AngloSphere’s power. Most Blue Pill types have no idea what impact a change like that will have in their lives.. If critical mass is achieved with other currencies usurping WRC status. I expect an act of gOD.. Definitely, in the US and possibly overseas.. The chess match is getting interesting..

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