1. Interesting, but written by someone who’s never had their family dispossessed, deported, tortured or killed. Trust me, the Baltics don’t really want to be anybody’s bitch, and this massive change in exports will of course be very damaging to the progress we’ve made. I know that America has no real ability to defend these NATO mutual defense pledges. Of course, looking over the history of Latvia, we had an even greater stretch of German overlord-ship than the Russians. Tho the Russians were more brutal (and recent), but the avg person continued to suffer regardless of who was lord of the manor. I don’t even like Swedish banking interests gaining hold in the country right now.
    Here’s my question to Dr Farrell (who I’m hoping won’t give such a pat “F U” as the article): so here are all these nations of the central/eastern European corridor in their post-soviet and/or re-balkanized forms. How do you live between 2 major powers (Germany and Russia) without having to be a battlefield or having to swear fealty (and any wealth you might have) to one side or the other? Or is that even possible?

  2. qui bono? get your enemies too fight your enemies.

    More theatrical stage shows, more genocide, as the we take half of everything elites continue to plunder…….with the ??? in the back ground patiently waiting.

    If you eat from this peoples knowledge you will be removed……so the question is who are these people that invented this dichotomy system…the holy oil…710 704.

  3. I agree that’s a great piece, but I don’t think Saker has much insight into people. I don’t think Merkel is any kind of coward. It has been clear to me she is in on the plan with Putin to ease us past a WWIII and into a more peaceful and prosperous world for everybody, NOT just the pack of psychopaths currently using the US military and contractor thugs to loot the globe.

    It’s not cowardice to want avoid being lynched in the street by the psychopaths’ goons. NATO is a dead letter. It now ONLY serves the psychopaths and is an unwanted burden on most of its members. They want out. Putin is giving them cover, particularly Merkel, helping them ease out of the psychopaths’ noose.

  4. What our oligarchs are too yellow to off themselves so they want the Russians to do the job. And dispose of the natives of the Americas as well a two for one job.

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