Cosmic Warfare


I've been following the development of 3D printing, or "additive manufacturing" as it is sometimes called, and very recently, through the kind gift of a donor, was able to acquire one of those sophisticated 3D design programs, which has left me rather speechless, not just in gratitude, but also in a bit of shock as to just what has already been accomplished on the design end of the technology. There's no doubt in my mind, as I explore the nooks and crannies of this program, that I am looking at something that has been around for a long time in the black projects world, and is only now reaching out into the public. As I explore, the thought constantly occurs to me, that I am manipulating a technology, a program, that is probably thirty years old. Words cannot quite communicate the unsettling nature of what I am feeling as I negotiate this program: I am playing around with something ultimately from the black projects world, and I know it.

Now the technology is taking a step into space:

Astronauts getting 3-D printer at space station

As the article points out, the 3D printer will be used to manufacture on the spot small spare parts at the space station itself, rather than have to haul them up there on a chemical rocket, an expensive proposition. But the long term implications here are what really intrigue me, as well as what may be a "hidden story." Obviously, if 3D printing can be made to work smoothly, accurately, and consistently in the zero-G of space, then having a fairly large unit or unit on board would be even more beneficial for long-range human exploration, where parts would have to be replaced or repaired, and when their schematics could be beamed up from Earth if they were not already accessible in on-board computer data-banks.

But in a week which has seen us covering stories of genetically modified humans for "super-soldiers" that do not require sleep and significantly less food, and that can "heal themselves," in addition to the "micro-humans" some plan to develop for organ harvesting and testing - and please note not only the technological inconsistency here, but the moral one: why would one need to develop micro-babies for organ harvesting and testing if one had a genetically modified human able to heal himself or herself? - then an even more interesting picture emerges. A few days ago, when blogging about those super-soldiers, I suggested that the possible hidden and secret motivation for their development  was not for "force multipliers" here on Earth at all, but that they would be the perfect technological adaptation of humanity for long range manned space exploration - and military operations. And in the context, I also suggested that perhaps, just perhaps, we are not looking so much at a goal but rather at an announcement, one of those "We plan to do this because we've already done it" sorts of things.

Three-D printing strikes me as being in this category, and you'll recall that when I first started blogging and talking about it, I early-on voiced my suspicion that here too, we are looking at the publicly revealed face of a technology developed in secret, and which, in its secret form, is much more sophisticated, and thus, in that more sophisticated form, already in space use. In short, taking the 3D printer to the International Space Station is another one of those "See what we're doing? We've already done it long ago" sorts of things.

Now, add in the photon-entanglement information communications system to the sleepless self-healing super-soldier, the 3D printer, and curious statements by Ben Rich, and what do you have... ?

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  1. I’m gunna have to get me one of those 3D printers, and the first thing I’m gunna print is a replica of the tablets of destiny.
    If you had some of those puppies, the world is yours, no wonder they invented something that could be a game changer.

  2. By the Ben Rich rule I figure America was known by 1432, Super Earth 1878, habitable moon orbiting a gas giant rogue planet 1935. We mustn’t forget talking movies 1900 or color television 1928. Warp Drive the year the first Star Trek aired on network t.v. What other goodies are our oligarchs hiding from us still.

  3. If you are sensing that this technology is 30 years old, then what can they do now? I am wondering if it is possible to take basic carbon material and make anything you want…plant, animal, or mineral. If they could do that then the possibilities are unbelievable in terms of space travel, modified humans and sustainable living on any planet they could find…could they manufacture their own air, or have they designed humans who don’t need that either?

  4. I would imagine that the “black” phase of these kinds of devices at the moment involves holographic projections into a medium such as liquified plastic and almost instantly creates the object without the need for linear 3D programming or execution.

  5. Do you want a self-regenerating astronaut/soldier/space worker or would a cyborg whose parts could be 3D printed be more cost effective? Only time will tell. Sometimes it is not the best or most cost effective product that wins out: beta versus vhs, apple versus microsoft, coke versus dr pepper. But one thing is guaranteed: the after work space station happy hour bar fights will be more interesting. It is even possible micro-humans are the future of the space labor force and maybe that is why NASA intends to continue with chemical rockets. Think how many micro-humans can be fit in one of those things? Not to mention the drastically reduced expense of feeding and housing them. Maybe the 1960’s supermarionation interplanetary adventure films starring the diminutive Thunderbirds were not just space age entertainment for kids like me, but were actually an announcement about the future of space exploration. Was the legendary creator of the Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson, just a talented visionary decades ahead of his time or was he simply a PR man for America’s black project world who were already envisioning micro-humans in space, if they weren’t there already?

      1. we see in 2d, and configure a 3 d vanishing point image of a 4 d world with our minds. The 4th dimension is the behind, or hidden parts of the 3 d configure illusion.
        and then there is the 5th side underneath, those who laid the corner stones and are never seen again and a side that never sees daylight again. Interesting some pyramids are electrically insulated underneath.
        pyramids are always shown as 3 side trangle, but are actually five sided….and for some reason,lol, at giza the 4 sides are actually 8 when viewed from above.

        1. speaking of thunderbirds..from 12k old site in Turkey.

          note giant with bird in hand over a cage of people in basket. Celebrating the conquering of the “mountain” people…allegedly.

          and then this one, showing thunderbirds, and a operation manual of what appears to be a pyramid.

          not too mention the guy in the v neck shirt they found there. and strange obelisk…
          Looks like the Flintstones restaurant, and they might have been eating people…like ah was shown in 2001., might be the source of the blood eating people.
          just a conspiracy theory, the bible mentions it, but that is just a pile of bs i was taught by leading western academics..

          1. this is one of my favourite 12000 year old drawings, a full 9000 years before drawing was invented mind you…

            here we have the baskets, woven by the basket weavers, to be filled by the fruit pickers and a nice drawing of big bird controlling what appears to be a basket ball, but may indeed be the sun. I wonder if this is perhaps, and wild high octane speculation, but a legal document of the incorporation of the united fruit company.

            after the meet eating cannibals ate the enemies, if the donner party is any clue, the women all survived the terrible cannibalism which left a shortage of men..12 k dildos..some sort of trap though?.
            …perhaps the source of the myth of cain laying hands on abel?, one look into her eyes and she will turn your wiener into stone….and it doubles as a pipe.

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