1. How old was Mike Flanchered suppose to be I have the feeling this a good spoof. I know when I was ten to twelve years old I was more aware of technology that was around at that time. That was fifty five years ago and I wasn’t buying or reading books at that time.

  2. Children’s books don’t sound too bad, i still read comic books, and some of them are as intriguing as Star Wars.
    For instance, a recent one called “Letter 44” has some interesting storylines

    another comic book “Archer & Armstrong” has me pondering as well,
    “the One Percent are a conspiracy that happens to be true in that universe, about a bunch of Wall Street investors and bankers and types who have cut actual deals with the devil — or at least they say so. They do black magic and that’s got a lot to do with why they’re secretly ruling part of the world — or at least, it’s got something to do with why they’re so super rich! They’re very, very, very bad people, and this is our chance to show how they work behind the golden masks of bulls and bears.”

    Speaking of Star Wars, i was watching “Return of the Jedi” the other day and realized suddenly that at the end of the movie, when the liberated masses were celebrating as they toppled emperor Palpatine’s statue, the fountain in front of the statue resembles the one in New York’s Central Park, while the skyscraper behind Palpatine’s statue resembles the top of Empire State Building..that can’t be coincidence, is George Lucas trying to tell people of this planet something? Incidentally when Bush Jr started his war in the Middle East, Lucas once compared America to his fictional “Galactic Empire”, meanwhile president Bush initiated the “Son of Star Wars” at Pine Gap Australia. Sometimes, fictions do seem to collide with the real-world..

    As for the Jedi’s “Egyptian connection”, i also noticed from the episode “A New Hope”, after the rebels destroyed the first world-destroying battle station aka “Death Star”, they celebrated their victory inside some ancient stone structure covered by thick forest, that setting alway reminds me of those Mayan temples in central America..
    And i always thought the secret underground production facility of battle-droids on Geonosis is comparable to Pine Gap facility in the real world.
    Now that Mr.”ripple effect” Edward Snowden is trying to stir trouble in New Zealand, just how comfortable those guys in Pine Gap are with this “time bomb” at their backyard?
    Meanwhile, Australia is on high security alert, followed by police anti-terrorist raids in Sydney where authority foiled a radical’s plan to behead innocent people on the streets of Sydney, followed by the parliament building in Canberra becomes the target for terrorist attack.. all because of the Islamic State in Iraq and just ahead of G20 summit..(speaking of “IS”,Thierry Meyssan of voltairenet.org, his new article “Who Makes Up the “Islamic Emirate”?” has some interesting take on IS)
    Afterall, Pine Gap is just for intelligence gatherings only, never mind Mr.Malcolm Fraser just described it as “offensive facility”. I hope there are Star Wars fans in Australia.

  3. Thanks for sharing the fun Dr Farrell … your sessions of humor and laughter with the inimitable Mike Flanchered are always much enjoyed. What’s your favorite burrito?

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