September 24, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's an intriguing bit of news that was shared with us by our friend George Ann Hughes of The Byte Show. Argentina's Ministry of Health in Cordoba has concluded a study documenting a dramatic rise in cancer rates in regions of the country where GMO crop raising is pervasive:

Argentina Cancer Deaths Well Above the National Average in Heavily GMO-Planted Areas

In fact, the five-year study indicates that cancer rates in these regions was double the national average:

"Argentinean farmers have increased their levels of herbicide spraying of crops, and the results don’t look good. A huge increase in cancer incidence is being reported in Argentina linked directly to areas of heavy GMO crop engineering and high biotech herbicide use.

"The Ministry of Health in Córdoba, Argentina, reveals in a report that deaths from cancerous tumors are double the national average in areas where genetically engineered crops are grown and agro-chemicals are used."(all emphases in the original)

There's an interesting admission here as well, and that is that, in spite of raising the GMO, the Argentine farmers have had to increase their spraying of herbicides.

What does this mean?

For one thing, I suspect the timing of the release of this study is itself a hidden part of the story, for Argentine President Fernandez de Kirchner and her government - and indeed her whole country - have, as you know, been under assault from western hedge fund managers demanding payments on Argentine sovereign securities. I also recently blogged about two related stories in this regard: 1) the lawsuit of Mr. George Soros and others against a bank for the recovery of monies owed them, and which Argentina actually deposited in said bank, and 2) Argentina's lawsuit against a Dutch bank implicated in the LIBOR rigging scandal, which affected Argentine sovereign securities, since these were tied to the LIBOR rate! More recently, you'll recall that China's Xi Jinping and Argentina's de Kirchner came to an agreement allowing Chinese-Argentine trade to be conducted in yuan, part of a larger Chinese initiative to help in the development of Argentina's considerable shale oil resources.

So in this context, the timing of the release of the Argentine study could be significant, for it could be yet another indicator that the GMO issue is about to take front and center stage in the geopolitical strategy of the BRICSA bloc, as I have been arguing it would for quite some time, for Argentina's study is in effect saying that they are another victim of the USA's GMO-food imperialism.

See you on the flip side...