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September 21, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Last Thursday voters in Scotland voted on the issue of whether to secede from the United Kingdom. And as you know, the difficulties in Catalonia in Spain are reaching a fever pitch of secessionism.  But there's another country where's there's growing rumblings about secession(and of course, it's RT that's reporting it):

Inspired by Scotland: Quarter of Americans want their states to secede from US

Now, you can count me in...or at least, as far as the sentiment is concerned.. those who know me well know that being a good midwesterner from an upper plains state, I'd not miss it at all if California, and the northeast from Boston to Richmond, went their own way. Not only wouldn't I miss them, I'd show them the door, contribute money to their travel fund, and encourage them to take Illinois - or at least Chicago - and the state of Washington along for the ride. There's even a bit of historical basis for my unabashed proud parochialism: it is the elites of the northeastern USA that have largely screwed up American education(not to mention a lot of other things). And California?  Need I really rehearse the galloping nitwittery of social engineering that that state has exported, after a few other elites targeted it for some social engineering of its own? In short, I'm a proud member of the "fly-over people", and as far as I'm concerned, those from the northeast or the west coast can keep right on flying over us. Don't stop here.

But all joking aside and on a serious note, the RT article strikes a sobering chord:

"Texas Nationalist Movement president Daniel Miller told RT that Texans are unhappy with how Washington politicos ignore the issues most important to their state.

“One of the big issues in here Texas right now… is obviously the border and immigration,” Miller said.“Over the last eight years, issues related to the border and immigration have consistently polled as the number one concern for Texans, yet the federal government continues to do absolutely nothing substantial about addressing the border crisis or the immigration issues.”(emphasis in the original)

Texans are not alone. Most people in the USA, I suspect, if pressed, would indicate some major dissatisfaction with the federal "government" somewhere, over some issue. It is the sentiment that the federal government is out of control, and thoroughly representative of private and corporate interests, and no longer the good of the country, that is the real problem. And this is suggested in the following article"

Scots Independents Lose Vote but Win the Fight

I want to draw you attention to one set of statements in this article:

"The Scottish independents may have lost the vote in this week’s historic referendum on secession, but they have won a decisive fight – with the winning argument that the United Kingdom is a broken-down entity in drastic need of democratic overhaul.

"And it is not just within Britain that the essence of this argument is resonating. The Scots’ push for independence, or at the very least for acquiring more democratic powers, is serving to fuel separatist sentiments across Europe, in Spain’s Catalonia region, Belgium, Italy and elsewhere.

"Indeed, it could be said, the issues raised by the Scots of democratic accountability, more equitable economic policies, and more independence in international relations as opposed to subservience for example to NATO group think, all such issues resonate not just with “separatists” but to many ordinary citizens right across the EU.

"The Spanish government in Madrid even threatened to veto an application to the European Union from an independent Scotland. That’s a measure of how concerned Madrid was taking the Scottish “contagion” spreading to its own borders."(Emphases added)

In other words, the real rub is that the perception is growing across Europe and America that their governments are simply no longer genuinely representative, that they are, to some extent, co-opted or even captive to something else. And underneath the buzzwords "democratic" and "democracy", the real perception is the loss of liberty and equal treatment before just laws. Indeed, in the USA, the problem is a Congress that by and large doesn't even read the mountain of paper usually attached to legislation any more. "We-need-to-pass-it-to-find-out-what's-in-it" Nancy Pelosi comes to mind (she's from California, folks).

But I hope you caught, in that first statement, the "hook": "...the United Kingdom is a broken-down entity in drastic need of democratic overhaul." In other words, secessionist sentiment, or even general cynicism, can easily be co-opted themselves, to become the "crises of opportunity" to "overhaul" the Spanish, the British - or the American - constitutions by the very same unaccountable elites that have designed and orchestrated the current mess.

And that's the real rub. If there is a dysfunctionality in the USA, it is because the constitutional instrument has been hedged about by a triple layer of security: by a history of dubious Supreme Court decisions, executive orders, and a Congress that often doesn't even read the legislation it passes. It is, functionally if not de jure, a dead letter, and that's the problem. What is needed - in least in America - is a population that is aware of its real history and meaning, and how the oligarchical subversion of that document began at a very early date. No vision of the future can be formed without an accurate remembrance of the past.

There's another thing the article mentions, and this is the growing opposition in Europe to NATO... i.e., an opposition to the subversion of the national interest to some far off organization with its own internationalist and imperialist agendas. Scots and Spaniards are not alone in this. Americans share it too, and the real underlying current uniting them all can be summed up in one word: liberty, and all that this implies.

If there's a lesson to be learned from the Scots' vote then, it's this: if London doesn't get its act together, there will only be more votes, and eventually, one of them will succeed.

See you on the flip side...