October 16, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many of you shared this story with me this past week, and it's more confirmation that Italian scientist and inventor, Dr. Andrea Rossi, and his cold fusion device, E-Cat, really works, and that his claims, made consistently for the past few years, are not bogus. According to this report by Sebastian Anthony, filed on Oct 9, 2014 on ExtremeTech's website, the study made some astonishing statements:

Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline

You can find the pdf of of the report here:

Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device a nd of isotopic changes in the fuel

You'll note that in the pdf report, the people conducting the study of Rossi's device were connected to the University of Uppsala, Sweden, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, and the University of Bologna in Italy, none of which are fly-by-night institutions, and all of which may be considered to be well-ensconced within "the mainstream." You'll note that this report contains some of the first details about Rossi's device, two of which, occurring near the beginning of the report, caught my interest. For those familiar with some of my books, you'll see why:

"1. Introduction
"This paper presents the results from a new extended study carried out on the “E-Cat” reactor, a device invented by Andrea Rossi. Various tests of this reactor have indicated that an excessive amount of heat is generated from a fuel consisting of hydrogen-loaded nickel powder plus some additives. The heat generating process is initiated by heat from resistor coils around the reactor tube. In addition, the resistor coils are fed with some specific electromagnetic pulses."(Emphasis added)

A little later we read that one of the ingredients used in the mixture was lithium, and at this juncture, my mind immediately began thinking "Lithium + electrical pulses" and this reminded me of the "crazy montebank and Swindler, Dr. Ronald Richter," and his claims, which were made in 1951 in Argentina, that he was obtaining fusion reactions far below the temperatures conventionally held to be necessary for fusion reactions to occur, and he was doing so in plasmas involving lithium-7 under electromagnetic stress. As if to cement my interest in this connection, this strange comment was also placed in the paper (p. 6):

"David Bianchini, MSc and expert in radiation detection, was in charge of assessing possible ionizing radiation and neutrons emitted by the reactor charge, before, during and after operation. For this purpose, he provided the following instruments: a scintillation probe, a neutron radiation detector, a Geiger probe and various thermo luminescent dosimeters. For all types of radiation taken into consideration, background radiation was measured beforehand, both inside the laboratory where the test took place, and in various premises belonging to the establishment hosting us. Subsequently, Bianchini evaluated the possible presence of alpha, beta and gamma radiation by applying his instruments directly to the powder that was subsequently inserted into the reactor. The same operation was repeated after the end of the test on the powder extracted from the reactor. In both cases, no signs of activity were found. Similar readings were performed on the E-Cat, both during the dummy run without charge powder, and during normal operation. Several dosimeters located in the vicinity of the reactor were in operation during the entire 32 days of the test, for detecting neutron radiation. A detailed report on these operations and the results thereof is supplied as Appendix 1 to the present paper."(Emphasis added)

While I have not yet had the time to read and digest this whole report, I do find it interesting that these scientists were apparently unable to detect alpha, beta, or gamma radiation using conventional detection methods, and at this point, the Richter connection became even more pronounced to my mind. Readers of my book The Nazi International will recall that Richter placed his radiation detection equipment in such a fashion that it would have been useless for the examining Argentine scientists to detect anything, a point which was not lost on them, and which led its leading scientist, Dr. Jose Balseiro, to conclude that Richter was either a fraud, or incompetent, and perhaps both. But the Argentine scientists then had Richter reperform his experiment, this time with the Argentine scientists in charge of the detection equipment (they had brought their own), with similar results: no standard radiation was detected.

The conclusions of this report are worth citing, for as the first article indicates, the presence of Nickel-62 indicates the presence of nuclear reactions:

"Our measurement, based on calculating the power emitted by the reactor through radiation and convection, gave the following results: the net production of the reactor after 32 days’ operation was (5825 ± 10%) [MJ], the density of thermal energy (if referred to an internal charge weighing 1 g) was (5.8 ∙ 106 ± 10%) [MJ/kg], while the density of power was equal to (2.1 ∙ 106 ± 10%) [W/kg]. These values place the E-Cat beyond any other known conventional source of energy. Even if one conservatively repeats the same calculations with reference to the weight of the whole reactor rather than that of its internal charge, one gets results confirming the non-conventional nature of the form of energy generated by the E-Cat, namely (1.3 ∙ 104 ± 10%) [MJ/kg] for thermal energy density, and (4.7 ∙ 103 ± 10%) [W/kg] for power density.
"The quantity of heat emitted constantly by the reactor and the length of time during which the reactor was operating rule out, beyond any reasonable doubt, a chemical reaction as underlying its operation. This is emphasized by the fact that we stand considerably more than two order of magnitudes from the region of the Ragone plot occupied by conventional energy sources.
"The fuel generating the excessive heat was analyzed with several methods before and after the experimental run. It was found that the Lithium and Nickel content in the fuel had the natural isotopic composition before the run, but after the 32 days run the isotopic composition has changed dramatically both for Lithium and Nickel. Such a change can only take place via nuclear reactions. It is thus clear that nuclear reactions have taken place in the burning process. This is also what can be suspected from the excessive heat being generated in the process."(Emphases added)

So how is this occurring. Scientists remain skeptical of various attempts to explain the phenomenon, but for the present, my bet is on some sort of interaction between fusion and lattice structure, currently one of the models being used to explain the phenomenon. It's official name is LANR, or Lattice-assisted nuclear reactions.

And that, to my mind, is yet another curious connection to Dr. Richter, doing his strange things in Argentina for Juan Peron in 1951, for Richter, you'll recall, eventually told the USAF interrogators who had secretly been sent to Argentina to interview him, that he suspected that plasmas with lithium-7, under certain conditions of rotation and electromagnetic stress, acted as coupled harmonic oscillators to what he called a "sort of cellular structure" in local space-time. And a cellular structure is another word for lattice. And that means, someone, somewhere, has known about the realities of cold fusion for a very long time. That means we might have an explanation why so many scientists working in, or covering, the field, end up ridiculed, or, late the unfortunate Dr. Eugene Mallove, dead.

See you on the flip side.