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October 5, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about the President of Argentina, Cristine Fernandez de Kirchner, or rather, I let her blog about herself. I posted a video of her speech to the UN General Assembly, in which she clearly points the finger to American corruption and run-amok hedge funds as being the source of much of her nation's current political and economic difficulty. There was little doubt about this, especially when she named the American judge by name - Judge Griesa - who has recently found Argentina in contempt of court. Nor was there any doubt about her intentions when she stated that Argentina, currently a temporary member of the UN Security council, intended to put some hard questions to those with the vast information and surveillance resources to know what's really going on, a thinly veiled reference to the USA and its NSA electronic espionage programs. In other words, President Fernandez was signalling the fact that Argentina has had enough with American unipolarism and the blatant corruption of its economic imperialism and corrupt courts.

During that speech, however, President Fernandez also alluded to the fact that Argentine intelligence had informed her of threats to her life and security emanating from - you guessed it - ISIS. This in and of itself was another bit of subtle finger-pointing on her part, in a speech that was nothing less than a passionate and argued exposure of what was breaking down relationships of international political and financial trust, for as most are aware, and doubtless President Fernandez is aware, there is a growing body of evidence and discourse on the internet tying ISIS once again to the intelligence communities of the very countries it claims to oppose. In other words, once again, President Fernandez was pointing a not-so-subtle finger at the USA.

But if there was ever any doubt about her interpretation of these threats and events, this has more recently been dispelled by a news story coming out of Argentina itself about these allegations:

The President Of Argentina Thinks The US Wants Her Dead

Note the key passages here:

"In a speech earlier this week the President of Argentina struck an ominous tone, telling her people that if anything happens to her they should "look to the north."

"Argentine newspaper Clarin reported that U.S. intelligence picked up ISIS threats against the President. She brushed those off in disbelief (she has been at odds with Clarin before).

"'Please, listen, if something happens to me, and I say this very seriously, if something happens to me do not look to the Middle East. Look to the North... because after seeing the things that they're(sic) diplomatic representatives are doing, after hearing these declarations that honestly seem like exercises in cyniscm, after seeing the things I've seen in the United Nations, it seems they'd want us to believe an entire story that ISIS is coming for me to kill me or to do something — oh please, do not create some novela.'

In recent days the United States Embassy in Argentina released a warning to U.S. citizens in the country. Based on threats to the Embassy itself, the report recommended that Americans “always be aware of their surroundings and maintain a high level of vigilance”.

President Fernandez called this report a "provocation."

President Fernandez's statements leave one with as many questions as answers, and the first is, what are the sources behind her statements  that if anything happens to her, "look to the North." Presumably she has learned something from the Secretaria de Intelligencia. But Argentina's intelligence services are, presumably, not the far-flung global agencies that say, a USA or UK command. At some point, in other words, Argentina's intelligence services may have been tipped off by someone within some other western intelligence service, or perhaps by the Russian or Chinese, or some other BRICSA bloc nation, and that raises the stakes considerably. The article makes it clear that the alleged ISIS threats against President Fernandez are coming from US intelligence. This, she has simply laughed off, and pointed the finger at the USA. So again, it would appear that she has intelligence from some other source.

The second problem implied by the article is the US embassy's warning to American citizens in Argentina, claiming there were threats - from ISIS?(ponder the implications of that one for a moment) - to the Embassy itself. In the context, President Fernandez clearly fingered the activity of US diplomats - pointedly those in the UN - but in the context of the Ukrainian fiasco (think only of "Lady" Victoria Nuland's "F*** the EU" comment), one wonders if President Fernandez is subtly trying to warn of the possibility of US "covert ops" against that country.

There is also, it seems to me, to be a third problem, and while I do not for one moment doubt that Ms. Fernandez's  fears are justified, nor blame her for entertaining them, I do question the utility of any threat against her. Removing her from office, by any means short of another Ukrainian style US-backed coup would only seem to fill the vacancy by another version of her. And there's the rub, for rumor has it, that there are a few left-over Fascists in that country as well, or their descendants. And after all, the connections between those Second World War Fascists and "radical Islam" ran very wide, and very deep. A coup, in other words, might not be entirely out of the picture for the insane plutocratic sociopaths running the USA.

See you on the flip side...