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October 11, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Last Saturday I blogged about Argentine President Christine Fernandez de Kirchner's speech at the UN, or rather, I let her blog about herself. You'll recall I posted her thinly veiled speech at the UN, a speech that was justifiably impassioned against the corruption of the American/Western financial system, the "vulture" hedge funds that are seeking to destroy her country, and the corrupt American courts allowing them to do it. You'll also recall that, at one point, Ms. Fernandez de Kirchner asked the blunt question, what corporation or entity in anyone's experience is allowed to gain over a 100% return on an investment in less than five years? Her clear implication was that such returns can only be possible with "Insider influence" and corruption. She insisted adamantly that Argentina wanted to pay its debts, was capable of doing so, but doing so according to the restructuring agreements of the last decade.

Then, this last week, I also blogged about Ms. de Kirchner's interview for a newspaper in her country, an interview in which she responded to US allegations that ISIS had targeted her for assassination (yea... riiiiigggghhhht!). The information allegedly came from US intelligence. But Ms. de Kirchner is not having any of it. You will recall that she made it very clear that if anything happened to her, one should not look to the Middle East, but "to the north."

Clearly Ms. de Kirchner has had it with the Great North American Banana Republic with Nukes, and the psychopathic narcissistic plutocratic junta running it, and one cannot blame her.

But there's more news, as evidenced from the title of this blog, for Argentina and Russia have now inaugurated a Spanish language version of that channel in that country:

Vladimir Putin and President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina Inaugurate International Spanish RT Channel

Here, again, the Argentine President is letting the Great North American Banana Republic know exactly what she thinks of its corrupt culture:

"Kirchner said that ‘this is a great moment as finally they have an international channel that will work outside of the Western MSM agenda in Spanish. This will be the channel that will broadcast real news, not the fake news prevalent in the Western MSM. It will express the true Latin American values without the interference of the third parties.’"

I hope you caught the significance of that remark, for what President de Kirchner seems to be saying - in a manner resembling similar recent statements from the President of Russia (and for that matter, the President of Hungary)  - is that basic core Western cultural virtues are under assault from the galloping corruption that is not only marching through the institutions, but parading through them.

And you cannot blame her, for as the article also points out, there was a hidden story, a hidden history, behind all those recent Argentine defaults, that probably wasn't clearly pointed out by the west's lamestream media presstitutes:

"During Putin’s summer visit, Argentina expressed desire to host the international Spanish RT channel, and at the same time, confirmed that it would be ready to increase dramatically the export of Argentine agricultural products to the Russian market to replace the banned EU products. Shortly after this, Western MSM suddenly started circulating the ‘news’ that Argentina is about to declare another default. According to the US/EU ‘news,’ Argentina failed to pay interest on its debt in a timely manner. It turned out that in order to generate the ‘pre-default’ state, Western banks holding Argentine funds designated for interest payment, froze Argentine accounts. This generated the inability by the Argentine government to pay on time. Argentinian peso immediately plummeted and capital flight started. Together with the Western MSM hysteria, all this could have tipped the country into a crisis."

It could have "tipped the country into a crisis", but, as the article notes, it didn't. Instead, Argentines rallied around their government, and Ms. de Kirchner has hung in there, and gone toe-to-toe with the vulture-GMO capitalism culture trying to ruin her country.

Now, whether or not you agree with President Fernandez de Kirchner (and I imagine that most of us, in the main, do), that point about rallying behind their government prompts the real question, and that question in turn highlights the real deeply spiritual nature of the problem, for when was the last time you saw enthusiasm - real genuine enthusiasm, not the zombified "support the troops" no matter what, reality-TV, fake plastic patriotism you've seen in the West in general and the USA in particular since 9/11 - when was the last time you saw real enthusiasm for a western leader, for, say, Mr. Blair, or Mr. Cameron, or Mr. Sarkozy, or Ms. Merkel, or Mr. Cameron, or Mr. Bush, or Mr. Obama...? And why no enthusiasm? I suspect it's because we all know, viscerally and intuitively, that before any of them get into office, so corrupt is the system now, that we know, viscerally and deeply, before they open their mouths, that they are lying, and that they do not have the general public welfare of their respective peoples in mind.

Don't believe me? Then ask yourself this: why is it that these spiritually empty "leaders" are all but indistinguishable from the talking heads on the BBC, Deutsche Welle, MSNBC, or Faux News, interviewing them? Why does it all seem so scripted? Play acting? Insubstantial theater? Why is it that it's increasingly impossible to recognize the distinct faces Diane Sawyer, Bill Maher, Bill O'Reilly Barack Obama and David Cameron and Angela Merkel?  It's because their puddle-deep personalities have all merged. It's because they're no longer grounded in any sort of reality, much less real genuine decency. Their depth, and decency, has all been scripted for the sound bite, and in the end, it remains nothing but a vast exercise in rationalization for the corruption of the oligarchs behind them.

Now, maybe, just maybe, that is why Ms. de Kirchner wants to provide her country with an alternative to those western news sources, from a country where at least some of those corrupt oligarchs, who were looting their own country, went to jail for their efforts, while the Great Banana Republic to the North with Nukes, was bailing out its oligarchs, who promptly awarded themselves huge bonuses.  Maybe we should take a hint from her lead, and simply turn off those news channels, and allow our subscriptions to Le Monde, the Torygraph, the Guardian, The Washington Post, the New York Times, to lapse.

...and as for the geopolitics, well, you can imagine how a Spanish language RT is going to play in the rest of South America, compared to the twaddle coming out of the West's television news.

See you on the flip side...