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October 8, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Most readers her know I've been entertaining the hypothesis that eventually GMOs would become a geopolitical issue, and that the BRICSA nations would make it so, and in support of this, I've been blogging from time to time about Russian and/or Chinese moves to prohibit GMOs altogether while genuine long term scientific and environmental studies could be conducted (Russia), or certain specific targeted bans of GMO products (usually American) have occurred (China).

In China's case, there's yet another targeted GMO ban that recently was issued by Beijing:

China Rejects U.S. Hay Exports Due to Genetically Modified Alfalfa Contamination

"The Chinese used to be quite confident that their hay was GMO free, but all that is about to change. Hay exported to the country from the U.S. is currently in quarantine due to the detection of GMO traits, specifically of genetically modified alfalfa, according to a USDA spokesperson.

"This isn’t a singular occurrence, either. Last year, a Washington State grower’s hay was rejected after it tested positive for GMO alfalfa. This doesn’t sit well with China, since all imported hay is supposed to be GMO-free. If the trend continues, they could boycott all US grown hay completely. They aren’t willing to feed their livestock hay grown with Round Up Ready traits – yet for some reason, many US farmers still are.

"Chinese officials are already preparing to implement more stringent testing thresholds to keep the GM alfalfa out of their imports."

This is following a by-now familiar pattern: China detects a GMO presence in certain products, and then issues a prohibition against that particular product, whereas, as we've also seen, Russia has been targeting the whole issue on "philosophical" principles.

But lately we've seen something else happening: first, we blogged recently about the general military exercises conducted by the Chinese military, and it was speculated by some sources that this could have been either in response to a coup attempt against Mr. Xi's government, or a message by his government against the more "western-minded" banksters of Shanghai. Secondly, more recently we've see the explosion of the Hong Kong demonstrations, and Paul Craig Roberts has posted an article on his website by Tony Cartalucci that indicates that he is - like many others including this author - highly suspicious both of the timing and sweeping extent of these demonstrations, smelling the usual "covert operations hidden hand" behind them:

US Government Is Funding The Hong Kong “Student Protests”

And last but not least, some are now beginning to question Mr. Xi's hold over the Chinese military itself:

China's Military May Have Gone 'Rogue' After All

So what's going on here?

Well, I suspect, as you probably do also, that China is now showing the first signs and symptoms of US-led and backed "nation-building" and "democracy seeding," and it makes perfect sense, if only from the GMO-geopolitics point of view, though of course there are many other geopolitical and financial factors in play. After all, there's not much else that America can sell to China; they certainly don't need our technology or weapons, they have their own. We don't manufacture much else, other than airplanes, and China and Boeing have been dancing a delicate ballet for years. So what it portends, I fear, is a growing opportunity for western covert operations against that country and its government.

But as I keep trying to warn people, and especially those insane psychopaths in Wall Street, London, and Washington: covert operations are a game that more than one country,and for that matter, more than one extraterritorial group or cult, can play...

See you on the flip side...