October 9, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

A few days ago I talked in my News and Views from the Nefarium about Germany's rather strange "passive aggressive" stance toward NATO. You'll recall that the German Defense Minister, Ursula von der Was-ist-Ihre-Name informed her government and NATO that the German military would be hard pressed to fulfill any NATO emergency, since apparently the Luftwaffe has only five or six planes in flying order, and the German Army would be simply overwhelmed in case of a war in the Baltic.(No kidding folks, she actually implied that!)

Uhm, ok... so, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I don't recall any recent messages, or even any recent occurrences of those inscrutably byzantine Russian "signals", that they had any intention of starting a war in Latvia, Estonia, or Lithuania, by invading any of them. Nor do I recall any revanchism emanating from Stockholm to reclaim the territories for Greater Sweden either. So, unless the Germans are looking at different Google earth pictures of the Baltic states' borders than I am, I'm just not seeing a massive sweep by the Russian army into those nations. It would, in any case, be geopolitically counter-productive, in today's charged eastern European geopolitical environment, for Russia to make any such suggestion.

So, besides being more than a little skeptical about Berlin's stated "lack of military preparedness" (I mean, come on folks, to listen to Ursula von der Was-Ist-Ihre-Name, you'd think Germany hasn't been this militarily unprepared since the Thirty Years' War, when everybody else in Europe went to Germany to fight it out, because it was so convenient), I sense rather that it was merely a convenient way for Berlin to bow out of any NATO activities vis-a-vis Russia or the Ukraine or Syria or anywhere else the psychopaths of the Anglosphere decide to meddle.

Now, in this context, consider this little announcement, also coming out of Berlin:

Berlin gives green light for arms exports to S.Arabia, Qatar

Uhm.... yea, right Ms. Ursula von der What's-your-name... Germany doesn't have anywhere near its full complement of aircraft in operational readiness, nor can the German government afford to buy arms from German armaments makers for the Bundeswehr, it has only three operational submarines, but it is willing to sell Dolphin class submarines with their cruise-missile-launching capability to Isreal, and (doubtless in an expression of "balance of power" arms sales), sell German arms to Saudi Arabia. Nice big shiny German armored cars and Leopard II tanks. Poor defenseless Germany! "We're not ready!" says Ursula von der What's-her-name, and the next day she's selling it to Saudia Arabia. Something does not compute in this picture folks. Apparently anyone can buy German arms except the German military!

Bottom line: it looks to this author like Germany - behind all its "operational non-readiness" rhetoric, is quietly letting it be known that its military potential cannot be unreservedly and unquestionably counted on by NATO. That is the story that I'm reading between the lines here. And if so, it's huge.

See you on the flip side...

(My thanks to Mr. S.D. for bringing this development to my attention.)