cosmic war


October 31, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many regular readers here shared this article from our friends at, concerning the successful experiment conducted by Australian scientists to create a small tractor beam, in this case, one capable of pulling or pushing a small glass bead to a much greater distance than in previous experiments: some 20cm. OK, it's not quite Star Trek, where entire huge starships are thus pushed or pulled, but it's at least a start:

Researchers build reversible tractor beam that moves objects 100 times farther than other efforts

The key to this feat was discovered to be changing the polarity:

"The new tractor beam is based on heat—a laser that shines a doughnut-shaped beam (it has a cold center) was fired at a gold covered tiny (0.2mm diameter) glass bead that was small enough to just fit inside the beam, where it was cold. The heat from the surrounding beam caused the surface of the bead to heat—creating hotspots. When the hotspots came into contact with , those particles were repelled, which in turn caused an opposing force against the glass bead, pushing it (up to a distance of 20cm). The researchers found they could change the movement of the beads by adjusting the polarization of the laser, causing changes in the hotspots on the beads. That meant the beads could be pushed forward, stopped, pulled back, or held in place."
The real questions are, why reveal such technologies now, and to what pitch of development might they have been brought in black projects research (and for that matter, how long have they been researching it)? If one stops to consider this announcement in a wider context - the sudden push of 3-d printing (or additive manufacturing) at a popular level and in a variety of uses, the announcements of DARPA to make the USA "warp capable" in 100 years, the increased interest in the privatization of space, both commercially and in terms of exploration, and the push to mine asteroids and other celestial bodies, and finally, the recent concerns about how to deal with threatening asteroids, how to push them out of dangerous collision paths with Earth - all these things suggest to my mind that this technology might be being investigated for its potential utility (a long way off, to be sure, given the state of what is known about it publicly) in all these areas. Combining such a technology with additive manufacturing would be a huge benefit for the manufacture of small components; its utility, if scaled up, for other uses is apparent, including the possibility that it might be scaled up to such a size as to be able to deal with small celestial objects.
Which leaves the question, why reveal all these technologies now? Consider the rush of recent announcements: Rossi's cold fusion E-Cat reactor, DARPA's strange "warp capability" goal, 3-d printing, Lockheed curious timing of its own fusion reactor announcement... all of this suggests to me that the global financial and technocratic elites know big changes, the largest technologically and culturally, in human history, are coming, and they are beginning to prepare (and to prepare us) for it. This means, similarly, that a huge transition both in domestic and international finance is under way, and the technologies being "memed" right now suggest that this system will to some extent be equity-based, as former HUD Assistant Secretary Catherine Fitts has hypothesized.
There is one thing absent  - and glaringly so - in the public perceptions and even to some extent the elites' seemingly consistent push of these technologies into the public consciousness, and that is spirituality... how will humanity deal with such a vast expansion of its technological power. Ultimately, that remains up to each individual to decide... and therein is the rub, for the technologies themselves can be both individually liberating, or, conversely, horribly collectivizing.
See you on the flip side...