Joseph talks about the NATO events in the news this week, from Russian tests of NATO airspace and air defenses, to France's continued dithering on the Mistral class helicopter aircraft carriers, to a little known, but highly significant story involving German defense contractor giant, Rheinmetall, and Russia's new competencein military tactics and deployments...

NATO says Russian jets, bombers circle Europe in unusual incidents

Russia Just Threw 19 Planes At NATO And Launched An ICBM In One Day

France to hand over first Mistral helicopter carrier on Nov 14

Germany Helped Prep Russia for War, U.S. Sources Say


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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Reno on October 31, 2014 at 11:58 am

    Russian-German pre WWII military cooperation culminated in Barbarrosa. I Don’t expect a German trojan horse and a Nato Barbarrosa II, but you know there are those who would like that.

  2. Cattail on October 31, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Russian Jets. Unusual Incidents?
    “Spike in Russian Air Force activity in Europe may be a reaction to large US Strategic Command bombers exercise”.
    theaviationist dot com

  3. marcos toledo on October 30, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    The idea that the NAZI’s high tailed off world goes back to Robert Heinlein’s to one of his novels. In that book their off planet hide out was the Moon after few decades why not Mars. As for France and Germany they both have abuse stories about their treatment by the Anglosphere they can share with Russia. Well both are fed up with London-Washington DC many games of chicken. By the way you forgot to mention the recent phantom submarine in Swedish waters incident to add to the Russian pseudo crimes.

  4. Robert Barricklow on October 30, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    The Western Media Shocked that the Russians would come to the aid of, for all purposes, Russians? Yet, apparently, hasn’t even raised an eyebrow of inquiry, as the West plays hit after contiguous hit after contiguous hit, on their contiguous continuous hit parade of invasion after invasion. The Us normal is now permanent invasive warfare. It’s great when you literally have the upper hand of God, aka high-tech space weapons/communication.

    there still is that pesky “other”, out-there,
    just beyond that signpost up-ahead, The Twilight Zone.

  5. Frankie Calcutta on October 30, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    It is amusing that other nations are now adopting the same tactic of DC, London and Tel Aviv where they publicly say one thing and then go and do the opposite. Touche.

    Now what if Germans don’t exactly get out of NATO but get out of Germany instead in a grand plan to get around their treaty obligations with the anglosphere? What if German corporations and their workers begin establishing enclaves of little Germany’s in non-NATO countries and leave the real Germany behind as a stomping ground for tourists, Turks and NATO? Maybe even a German version of Westworld populated entirely by nordic looking robots who will cater to the tourists, police the unruly guest workers, and assuage visiting NATO brass from time to time? In fact all of Germany could be run by the Ministry of Tourism. The Fatherland would become no more than a giant park, just a facade for paying lip service to their enduring punishment from the WWII victors. Meanwhile the real Germany, the mass of its population, its ingenuity and industrial might will have absconded to familiar places like Zaire, Argentina, and Colorado and maybe even Russia. Imagine an entirely new Germany forged out of the wilds of Siberia? And then there is Mars, the traditional homeland of the nordic people with its compatible circadian rhythm. Why not a mass exodus to this inviting fixer upper for the purposes of getting out of treaty obligations and war reparations? As far fetched as this may sound, it is not without precedent. Isn’t the Breakaway Civilization just such a German enclave– emigres who wanted to pursue their Aryan sciences free from the oversight of occupying military powers? Do you think the Breakaway Civilization pays annual dues to NATO or reparations to holocaust survivors? hardly. It is clear the specter of the anglosphere will always hover over Germans so long as they stay tied to the scene of the crime. Therefore, it is high time the Germans quietly abandon this oppressive crime scene and start anew and hopefully their new home(s) will give them better luck when they go to launch their next Total War.

  6. DownunderET on October 30, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Germans training Russians, who coulda imagined that. I’ll bet that had the generals in the Pentagramaphone reaching for the 12 year old Scotch cabinet.
    Then France building Helicopter Carriers for the Russians, eh why not, and NATO and the US telling France to “pull out of the deal” and lose a couple of billion. Well France will deliver, and the US and the EU can go take a flying f**k, love it!!

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