October 3, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's a whole new medical technology coming down the pike: the medical microchip, which not only monitors organs, but also - Tom Bearden fans take note - sends out tiny electrical signals that "tune" the body to initiate repairs in a kind of "electro-pharmaceutical" healing:

Tiny Implants Could Give Humans Self-Healing Superpowers

For those who are familiar with the work of Lt. Col. (US Army, Ret.) Tom Bearden, this will sound very familiar, for back in the 1990s, Col. Bearden published a set of articles and papers in a spiral bound volume called Gravitobiology, detailing the work of Soviet research. To make a long story short, Bearden outlined who Soviet researchers had discovered that cells could be repaired by entraining electromagnetic signals - scanned from healthy cells - onto diseased cells as a kind of template, which, through resonance, would restore healthy functioning of cells. Similar claims were made by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife much earlier.

But the technology raises a whole host of issues and possibilities, not the least of which is that such "chipping" could be promoted or sold as a "health benefit" to an otherwise skeptical population. Under certain circumstances, it could even be conceivable that it would be "required in the case of pandemic or medical emergency". And it is conceivable that such a chip is only the first step to much wider functions, i.e., chips not only monitoring health, but providing their corporate owners a steady stream of medical, economic, and transactional telemetry into some central databank.

There is, however, a final possibility. If such chips can beam "healthy templates" of electromagnetic signals, then as Bearden showed in Gravitobiology, the Soviet research demonstrate that unhealthy or diseased electromagnetic "templates" could also be so beamed, creating diseased cells where there had been healthy one. One can even envision an "off switch" in such chips, allowing anyone to be "turned off" the moment they stepped out of line.

See you on the flip side...

(Thanks to Mr. S.D. for the alert on this article)