5 thoughts on “TIDBIT: EBOLA A BIOWEAPON?”

  1. Ah yes, Alex Jones, according to whom the world trade towers were destroyed with bombs.

    Re AJ’s website on Ebola, seems like claims that are indeed of verification.

  2. They have to get rid of us forty seven percent useless eaters who want more (free)stuff. One problem what will happen to them when they can’t find anybody to buy their stuff. They don’t think that far ahead.

  3. The are signs that the scaremongering tactics which you talked about recently are being played out now in a major base of the “empire”: Vicenza, in Northern Italy, where some of the “antivirus troops” (somebody has yet to explain in a credible way why they send troops and not doctors) are now “resting”. This has come to the attention of the Italian press, but has not been hyped to the extent it has in the Anglosphere.
    “Reassuring” interview with General “quarantined” at the “imperial” base in Vicenza:

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