1. These two articles go deeper than population control. That is only the tip of the iceberg of what our oligarchs seek to restrict the surviving slave classes ability to travel, buy food, water, housing, and even access to education and entertainment. Just talking beast of burden to serve their needs and desires WELCOME FUTURE SLAVES TO OLIGARCHS HELL FOR YOU PARADISE FOR THEM.

  2. Re first link, and accusations against Red Cross. I began questioning the true role of the International Red Cross MANY years ago, and believe that it cannot have missed your attention, Dr. Farrell, the connection with the Templar Red Cross symbol…

    Just sayin’…

  3. Absolutely diamond miners in Africa are grossly abused, nearly enslaved, as http://www.konkursverket.se/ebolalogner/ claims.

    However diamonds have no inherent value in the Europe and the Americas. Their value as anything more than a semiprecious stone is a marketing invention of the last 120 years.

    Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds have been valuable for thousands of years around the world.

    1. I am wondering what they are screening?!
      CDC recently updated incubation time to 42 days.
      All of it! and I mean all!!! is hoax from A to Z.
      Same tactics were with AIDS in early 1980’s or Antrax after 9/11 …everytime one viewed a news for 10 seconds a day could not have missed the THREAD against …well everyone…you can catch it touching your front door handle, because you don’t know who was there while you were out!!!
      Months ago when news came from (not american) sources about Nigeria Oil deposits, and Liberia/Sierra Leone diamonds mines, American biolabs in all three countries without treaty about such weapons signed by any of the 3…locals chasing Red Cross with machetes, Nigeria’s newspaper printing articles about people catching Ebola only after taking vaccines from Red Cross…
      one need to take a serious look at American Exceptional Hegemonistic, Democracy and Freedom delivery system…combined with social psychopaths like gates and soros …heavily involved with “humanitarian aid” and depopulation stance….
      If one adds to it American apathy, ignorance and plain stupidity we deserve all what is coming…

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