1. Prime Minister Narendra Modie of India is something, i know something is “different” with this Indian statesman the moment he met with President Xi jinping during this year’s BRICS summit in Brazil, and described the relationship between India and China as “two bodies in one spirit”.

    President Xi has just visited India recently and proposed to PM Modi that the two Asian nations work together to bring about the “Asian century”.

    It seems PM Modi has responded positively to the Chinese proposal, as its evidenced by a recent CNN interview, in which Modi repeatedly referred to India’s historical ties with China, and how “the two countries had for centuries risen and fallen in sync”.

    In other words, Modi not only recognizes the cultural, historical and “spiritual” ties between these two ancient civilizations, but he’s no longer willing to play the Anglo-American elites game of “containing China”.

    Next year India will become a formal member of the SCO. Indian army can be expected to be participating in future military exercises regularly held by SCO members. Such will further reduce the risk of military confrontation between India and China, not to let border disputes hinder the bilateral relations, a consensus which former Indian PM Manmohan Singh and his Chinese counterparts have already reached.

    There is something else worth mentioning with regard to the new Indian Prime Minister, is his recent promotion of “make in India” while he was in America, and from what i can see Mr.Modi is rather serious about it as its evidenced by the subsequent “clean up India” campaign he initiated upon his return.

    What about that farce of some American “civil rights body” called “American Justice Centre” filing a lawsuit against Mr.Modi while he was visiting America? which even offered reward of $10,000 to anyone who can notify the lawsuit to Mr.Modi.
    Looks like a “cheap shot” at Mr.Modi by somebody who have plenty of money to throw around. So, is going after Bill Gates’s illegal vaccine and GMOs in the Indian state of Gujarat, a “response” from Mr.Modi? Afterall he was the chief minister for Gujarat from 2001 to 2014.

    And let’s not forget that the “Mangalyaan” has just reached the Martian orbit and is now navigating around the red planet.
    It means the “breakaway civilization” is more or less “broken” thesedays that they can’t really stop “third-world” nations like India and China to explore the outer space. Anther nail in the coffin of Western elites game of monopoly.
    As Prime Minister Narendra Modi declares “We have gone beyond the boundaries of human enterprise and human imagination”, Bravo Indian, and Bravo PM Modi.
    “May the Force be with you”, and your great nation.

  2. I had a beekeeper explain that the GMO ready roundup crops, which allows for higher concentrations of pesticide applications, kills the natural predators of mites that are parasitic to bees. Basically the mites clog the throats of the bees and cause die offs. It sounds to me like a very good explanation. Also very convenient to kill off competitive crop pollination vectors-bees. These GMO crops have to go. Oregon is on the move to get this done, as there are serious issues with the cost of pesticide applications, seed purchases, etc. In norcal here, there is a high degree of opting out of the crap they push as food. And the young kids are in general much healthier in our area, more intelligent and more fit than in the larger cities to the south…

  3. The Indian State of Gujarat has just told Food Poisoners Are Us to go to HELL. We’re not going to let you pollute it’s farmland and enslave the people of Gujarat that survive.

  4. The farmers were committing suicide with the exorbant seed licensing which might have something to do with it….and then there is the health risks….not too mention sustainability. Speaking of sustainability, cotton destroys land…..everything they come up with is non sustainable…..another coincidence?

    1. We have a non-sustainable system of Science and a non-sustainable system of Finance; why not have a non-sustainable system of food production as well – just to make it a complete package and round it all off 🙂

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