12 Tips for Navigating the Giza Home Page

  1. Below each post title is a link to its category. For more items from the same category, click the category.
  2. Categories have corresponding menu items up top, so you can use the menu for navigation.
  3. Home page section titles (in orange) are clickable too, but they're not the same as categories. Some sections aggregate multiple categories, but clicking the section title only takes you to the primary category in that section.
  4. Beneath "Latest Posts" is a dropdown of archives (organized by month) for getting more latest posts in chronological order.
  5. Alternately, clicking "Latest" on the menu will provide the latest posts, with an archive dropdown at the bottom for more.
  6. Under "Recent Comments" in the sidebar, you can click post titles to go straight to the relevant title.
  7. Under "Most Popular" in the sidebar, you can click post titles to go straight to the relevant title.
  8. There are more categories available on a dropdown by hovering over "Other" on the menu.
  9. You can click "by e-mail" to get e-mail updates of new posts.
  10. If you use an RSS feed reader like inoreader or feedly, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, using the icons at the top.
  11. If you want to subscribe to just comments in a feed reader, give your feed reader this url: https://gizadeathstar.com/comments/feed/
  12. At the bottom of the home page is a Categories dropdown, for navigating to all posts in any given category (yet another way to do it).
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