November 8, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

For those who have been following the ebola story, there is a certain strain - no pun intended - in the conversation that has been maintaining all along that the whole thing could very well be the case of a bioweapon, either deliberately or inadvertently let out of the box.  In this case, the argument was shared by Mr. V.T., and quite an argument it is:

Bioweapons Expert Reaffirms Belief that Ebola Escaped from a Biowarfare Lab

What interests me here is the connection to central Africa, which I have commented on both in blogs and in my News and Views from the Nefarium (for Oct 18th of this year):

4. “This means that these outbreaks arose from different “jumps” from the animal reservoir to the human population. The similarity between samples from the current outbreak confirm that it originated from a single jump, and since that time the disease has spread exclusively from human to human. This is different from previous outbreaks, which had spread via multiple zoonotic events.”

If  there were different “jumps” then we should have seen a pattern of “jumping” ebola outbreaks continuously over time and space from Zaire in 1976 to West Africa in 2013. There is no such pattern. That’s 3500 kilometers and no “jumping” ebola outbreaks.

5. Now to the Science article: “Phylogenetic comparison to all 20 genomes from earlier outbreaks suggests that the 2014 West African virus likely spread from central Africa within the past decade. Rooting the phylogeny using divergence from other ebolavirus genomes is problematic ….”

Once again, if it spread from central Africa within the past decade, we would have seen the “spread” of Ebola outbreaks during the past decade as it made its way to West Africa. We have not. And notice right out at  the outset they admit their basic methodology here is “problematic.” That is precisely correct. The entire study they admit themselves is “problematic.” It sure is “problematic” Basically the  US biowarriors at Kenema are covering their own rear ends. That’s the problematique of this “study”—cover-up"


While everyone is focused on the current outbreaks, however, the one that has always interested me is Zaire. In previous blogs I have pointed out the possible connection of the first outbreaks in Zaire to the then contemporary West German OTRAG private compound. In this respect, I pointed out that the whole murky OTRAG story was first comprehensively addressed precisely in the context of engineered bioweapons by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (D.M.D..,M.A., M.P.H.) in his book Emerging Viruses: AIDS AND Ebola:Nature, Accident, or Intentional?(In my opinion, a vitally important book.)  It seems appropriate in the above context, to revisit something he quoted in his book, citing his own attempts to track down the origins of AIDS and Ebola:

Among the government documents I discovered, while visiting the BPL in search of the Rockefeller Commission report, was a Moscow WorldService radio broadcast alleging a Pentagon link to the development of AIDS.... Gorbachev had not laid the AIDS allegation to rest in 1987. In the Spring of 1988, a high-ranking Soviet press official, Boris Belitskiy, offered the latest Soviet position regarding Pentagon involvement in the creation of HIV:

"BELITSKIY: Several US Administration officials, such as USIA (CIA) Director Charles Wick, have accused the Soviet Union of having invented this theory for propaganda purposes. But actually, it is not Soviet scientists at all who first came up with this theory. It was first reported in Western journals by Western scientists, such as Dr. John Seale, a specialist on venereal diseases at two big London hospitals and one of the first scientists to point to the viral nature of AIDS."

The host then asked if there had been any new evidence to support Seale's contention. The official replied:

"BELITSKIY: Just recently a Soviet journalist in Algeria, Aleksandr Zhukov, managed to interview a European physician at the Moustapha Hospital there, who made some relevant disclosures on the subject. In the early seventies, this physician and immunologist was working for the West German OTRAG(Orbital Transport and Missiles, Ltd.)Corporation in Zaire. His laboratory had been given the assignment to cultivate viruses ordinarily affecting only animals but constituting a potential danger to man. They were particularly interested in certain unknown viruses isolated from the African green monkey, and capable of such rapid replication that they could completely destabilize the immune system. These viruses, however, were quite harmless for human beings and the lab's assignment was to develop a mutant virus that would be a human killer." (, Moscow World Service in English, Belitskiy on How, Where AIDS Virus Originated March 11, 1988. Published in International Affairs, FBIS-SOV-88-049, March 14, 1988, p. 24, cited in Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional? [Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1996], pp. 393-394, boldface emphasis added).

In other words, had not Dr. Horowitz dared to publish this information in his 1996 book, few of us would have been aware of it, and of the possibility that there is yet another connection to bioweapons research in the precise area where ebola first broke out, and to a research facility with its own definite, and very murky, connections to the world of postwar covert operations and intelligence fronts of all varieties. Notably, this quotation also confirms the contentions of Dr. Boyle in the article first quoted, namely, that the vector of the outbreak appears deliberately obfuscated, and that a cross-species jumping is difficult to envision without the hand of man being at some point deliberately involved.