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November 26, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Several regulars here sent me this article, and it's one of the rare ones that went straight into the "finals" folder for this week. Dr. John Brandenburg, a physicist with impeccable credentials (See John E. Brandenburg Ph.D.), and whom I had the pleasure of meeting some years ago at a conference where he outlined a fascinating unified field theory, has outlined a new theory hypothesizing the use of nuclear weapons on Mars in an ancient interplanetary war:

Scientist Says Aliens Nuked Martians and We May be Next

To his credit, Dr. Brandenburg long ago drew attention to the curious presence of high amounts of Xenon-129 on Mars, a product of fission bombs. But this latest hypothesis appears to be a much more broadly-based hypothesis, drawing on a variety of data:

"Dr. Brandenburg has previously theorized that the red color of Mars and the radioactive substances in its soil are the result of a thermonuclear explosion from natural causes. He now says that the “high concentration” of Xenon-129 in the Martian atmosphere and uranium and thorium on the surface are remnants of two unnatural nuclear explosions, most likely triggered by alien invaders.

"Who were these aliens invading and eventually wiping out? Brandenburg believes Mars once had a climate like Earth and was inhabited by two civilizations – one in a region called Cydonia Mensa and another at Galaxias Chaos. Why these two regions?

'Analysis of new images from Odyssey, MRO and Mars Express orbiters now show strong evidence of eroded archeological objects at these sites.'"

Indeed, as we suggested in our tidbit from a couple of days ago, NASA has recently released a strange picture taken from Mars Opportunity of what clearly appears to be something artificial, looking almost like a "valve" of some sort. Add to this, Brandenburg maintains, one mus also look at the concentration of uranium and thorium on Mars' surface, and the concentration of these things in the Cydonia Mensa and Galaxios Chaos regions. While I, like others, eagerly await the appearance of Dr. Brandenburg's book, it's worth answering the question the article poses: "His dots are interesting but pretty far apart. Do you think he’s managed to connect them?"

While I certainly cannot second guess the argument in Dr. Brandenburg's book, I do think his argument is credible for a number of  reasons. Let's take the aspects of Cydonia Mensa and Galaxios Chaos, and if you're a Sitchin fan, this might interest you (with the caveat, of course, that I do not subscribe to many of Sitchin's theories or scenarios, for reasons I've outlined elsewhere). A "planetary catastrophe" on Mars makes sense of many human myths, not the least of which is the idea of a planetary-scale deluge or flood, for of all the planets in the solar system, Mars presents the best geological evidence of such an event. If, as Dr. Brandenburg hypothesizes, Mars was home to intelligent and even humanoid (or even human) life at some point in antiquity, these myths take on a new significance. Recall only the myths of some African tribes that they came from Mars on a "ship". Sitchin, in his works, hypothesizes a nuclear war on Earth in antiquity - for which a certain body of evidence exists at places like Mohenjo Daro in India or the Libyan Desert Glass, a region in the Sahara covered with silicate resembling the Trinity test site in New Mexico - a war described in Mesopotamian texts created a foul "wind" that killed animal and human life.

Here is the import of Brandenburg's hypothesis, for such "hot" areas on Mars, in regions well-known for their suggestions of artificial structures and other objects would suggest that one need not restrict such myths to a merely terrestrial context. Additionally, his idea - as far as it can be gleaned from the article's summary of his forthcoming book - would seem to fit well with other models of ancient astronomical history, and more particularly, with some ancient texts that I have reviewed in the "cosmic war" context in my various books.

We can, of course,predict the reaction of most of the scientific community, who will remain wedded to "naturalistic" causes and explanations. But he is to be credited for having the courage to state openly, and consistently over the years that he has spoken or written on this subject, what everyone knows: you don't get Xenon-129 and uranium and thorium in these concentrations naturally. (And predictably, the reaction has already started; see Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars?  And of course, there is a "little conundrum" here, as indicated by this statement: "According to Brandenburg, the natural explosion, the equivalent of 1 million one-megaton hydrogen bombs, occurred in the northern Mare Acidalium region of Mars where there is a heavy concentration of radioactivity." When was the last time you encountered fission products of a natural explosion of 1,000,000 megatons? Brandenburg puts it country simple: “'This massive nuclear explosion on Mars seems to defy natural explanation,' said Brandenburg," making that appeal to a similar incident on Earth very interesting indeed.)

See you on the flip side...