This extremely important article was shared with me by a regular reader here, Mr. K.L., and it's one of those articles that went immediately into my "finals" pile for my weekly blogging, it's that important:

Shadow Banking Assets Increase By $5 Trillion To Record $75 Trillion, 120% Of Global GDP

I draw your attention to the first two paragraphs:

"Call it Monitoring Universe of Non-Bank Financial Intermediation (MUNFI), Other Financial Intermediaries (OFI), non-bank financial intermediation or, easiest of all, by its widely accepted name, Shadow banking. Whatever you want to call it, the latest just released estimate by the Financial Stability Board of how many assets current exist outside of the regular banking system (and are thus in the shadows) around the globe should explain why these day the one thing central bankers are most worried about is the uncontrolled proliferation of shadow assets (technically it is liabilities, but that is a different discussion). The reason: according to the broadest measure of shadow banking, it grew by $5 trillion in 2013 to reach $75 trillion. This represents some 25% of total financial assets and when expressed in terms of global GDP, it amounts some 120% of global GDP.

"We are not exactly sure which is scarier: that total financial assets amount to about 500% of world GDP or that about $75 trillion in financial leverage is just sitting there, completely unregulated and designed with one purpose in mind: to make billionaires into trillionaires (with taxpayers footing the bill of their failure)."

Note that Zero Hedge's analysis here is somewhat conventional: the purpose of all this vast leverage and liquidity in the system is to make "billionaires into trillionaires (with taxpaers footing the bill of their failure)."

But is that really all, or even the major part of the picture? I am bold to suggest that it isn't: the numbers simply don't add up: there are too few "trillionaires" (indeed, none at all), so something else is going on. Indeed, it is precisely because of the vast numbers of liquidity and leverage sloshing around in the system that conventionally minded analysts have been predicting a collapse "any day now", in the form of hyper-inflation and dollar-dumping, and a collapse of the US sovereign securities market. But as I pointed out a week ago in my blog Against Economic-Financial Chicken Littles, we've been hearing the stories of hyper-inflation and collapse since the Reagan era, if not before.

Now, as I noted, last week, I'm no financial expert, nor any other kind of expert, but it seems to me, that the analysts are right, on the face of it, and barring other factors: all the QE that has been going on should have shown up as extreme if not hyper-inflation, and that should have forced the value of the dollar down. But neither has happened. So something is wrong with the model: money (think of it as electric current) is being put in at one end, and yet, all that juice is not emerging at the load end. Following out analogy, this would mean that our circuit diagram is not complete; there is another load end in the circuit that is not shown.

Last week I suggested that at least part of this circuit diagram not showing up on our schematics was the hidden system of finance and the black budget. But would even this account for the vast sums of money? Would all the stealthy aircraft, reverse engineered UFOs, secret Lockheed fusion reactors, and so on, account for just the vast leverage noted in the Zero Hedge article? I suggest not (and let's remember, we're not even approaching any discussion of the amount of derivatives  - in the quadrillions of dollars - in the system). So the bottom line question is this: if all the derivatives in the system are in the quadrillions of dollars, not to mention the trillions of dollars suggested in the Zero Hedge article, and if these amounts are greatly in excess of the total GDP of planet Earth, then what is propping up the system? On any conventional model, it should have collapsed by now, and hence, like Sherlock Holmes, once we have eliminated the probable, we must begin to consider the impossible.

And like it or not - here comes the way-out-on-the-end-of-the-twig-speculation of the day - that means that there is another basis, a hidden basis, of the world economy that is not on this world at all. That money may be flowing off world, either in trade, or in tribute, but it is flowing somewhere, because like electricity, it has to have a load end, and if the load end were here, it would have shown up already in the form of the predicted collapse and hyper-inflation. On that score, the conventional analysts are correct. My only quibble with them is, that if the conventional model is correct, it is not about prediction; rather, it should have happened long ago, and we'd be analyzing it as history. The fact that it hasn't, means to my non-expert's mind, that the model is fundamentally flawed, and in a major, fundamental way.

Now you can all laugh and throw your rotten tomatoes at me, and frankly, I wouldn't blame you nor be upset if you did.

See you on the flip side...

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. moxie on November 22, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    One factor maybe, as the cliche goes..When you lend money that doesn’t exist and charge interests and impose fees plus other financial shenannigans, it naturally would not add up

  2. Float Your Thoth on November 22, 2014 at 11:09 am

    The Cattle are the Chattel

    The best model is the model that can explain facts and events most coherently. What is backing the current estimate of $75 trillion in assets and their derivatives and where is it? If one were to do some rough forensic accounting of the monetary model of the UCC code Straw man alter ego as the backing of the US dollar one would see that both the numbers and certain puzzling trends of the powers that be figure.

    The straw man UCC code model could briefly described as follows: At birth we are all assigned a birth certificate and social security number. The birth certificate is actually a commercial contract which backs the value of US treasury bonds at about $1 million per head. The UCC code regulates the financial statements between between your number on your birth certificate which is listed on the New York stock exchange as a “straw man” account. The straw man is not the real you, but the fictive you. Your straw man name is spelled in all capital letters and is the person referred to on your driver’s license, financial instruments like your credit cards and your tombstone. This fictive alter ego -straw man is a member of the The Corporation of the United States of America. It is kind of like an LLC and the all of us are assigned a $1 miilion Capital account that doesn’t belong to us individuals but to the corporation.

    Let’s do the accounting.

    1. There are 316 million people in the US. 316 million x $1 million = $63.2 trillion. Pretty close to the $72 trillion in assets and derivatives out there but we need a little bit more collateral and capital account contributions.

    2. Congress and President Obama reopen the arms of the Statue of Liberty and allow 2 million new Mexican emigrants into the country as legal citizens. That is 2 million new straw men and UCC accounts x $1 million = $2 trillion treasury notes. Not the full $9 trillion but cash to keep a failing Corporation of the United States of America going for another year.

    3. “We the people” as rightful shareholders constituted the authority of the original corporation The United states of America. It replaced the old model of the Crown ruling through the divine right of Kings. The ruling elites couldn’t stand for a power switch like that. So from the get go they started making things right and taking their power back. This was done through amendments attached to that constitution like Thirteenth. Who would of thought the powers that be could backdoor the outlines for the legal outlines for a new type of debt slavery through a proclamation of the abolition of slavery . Tricky little devils these bankers setting the field up for the Federal reserve.

    4. “We the people” have been replaced by our fictive alter egos “WE THE PEOPLE”. But ‘We the people” still have power be cause we are many and they are few. What to do?

    5. Perhaps we don’t warrant the $ 1 million dollar price tag anymore put on each of us as straw man citizens. Perhaps we have lost our value as mere consumers in a market place exchanging the currency for goods and service. Perhaps that is why the Banks of the rivers downstream have run dry and the current is all so slow. Why don’t they release some of that water that they have damned up up stream by the the Shadow Bank?

    6. Are “We the people” now worth more dead than alive? What happens to our million dollar UCC capital accounts when we die and our names are put on our tombstones with all capital letters? When we die our straw man accounts and any profit that may have been made off of them are reverted back to the holders of the US treasury which were bonded with the UCC capital accounts.

    7. Are “useless eaters” created on purpose? My guess using this model would say yes. Most all are aware of the dumbing down of the population by the purposeful intent of a education system bent on self destruction. Also the criteria for the new immigration policy presents no standards of people being accepted for citizenry. They are the worse common denominator of Mexican society.

    8. The elites are bent on mass genocide. The dumbing down, acceptance of sub-par immigrants as new citizens, the poisoning of the food and water supply, the wasting of our best defenders in useless wars, the promotion of justifiable people killing ideas such as population control and global warming, ruling elite favorites all point to an attempt of mass genocide and ideas that foster support of such genocide by “we the people” .

    9. In the end there is no shadow banking device and break away civilization really needed. Just a different account to which to keep $75 trillion that has been pirated by The Corporation of the United states of a America. Like an LLC the remaining capital goes to those who remain alive. Perhaps the transhumanist that extend their lives for hundred of years.

    Keep healthy my friend. Your health is your wealth.

    • Gaia Mars-hall on November 23, 2014 at 6:43 am

      You hit the nail on the head. Excellent reply.

  3. jedi on November 22, 2014 at 9:31 am

    oh brother…where is the black hole, what is the black hole…the sphincter of the sphinx. Under his paw is the tablets of thoth, which of course is tahiti. An electrical diagram…so whats the problem with the system? The left hemisphere does not know what the right hemisphere is doing. A division, and more divisions, and more divsions and more divsions. Basically the black hole is the negative, the induction, the female…generating wealth in the form of abilities from multiple sources. The trick is the elephant in the room that no one sees. Its huge, that is your black hole. Most people are compfy sitting at home waiting for debt dollars to go to the store and buy there nibbles than going out and doing it for themselves, which is actually quite enjoyable, its called life something that people these days are quite afraid of. Fear being a major components in the system of destroying the lion king.

    You can take a look at the west coast of north and south america…that is a wall that the gods built, then have a look at chinas wall, that is wall that men built.
    Same systems. Very ancient, it also indicates that a higher civilization or species is here. and if Dr Farrell is correct at the topic he alludes too, it they created us, they own us.

    What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
    A good start.

    • jedi on November 22, 2014 at 10:16 am

      hardly a new concept the electrical diagram and life…such a pretty face that should be dressed in “lead”…
      I love you just the way you are…
      Rag Doll.

      singing in the rain…take your pick, clockwork orange violent guy in white, or nice guy gene …

      He is our last hope…no this is another.
      answer that and you get a cupid doll.

  4. Gaia Mars-hall on November 22, 2014 at 7:28 am

    Well this is why I like coming to this site.

    Mr. Farrell’s interesting electric circuit analogy concerning finance and “way out on the twig” speculation do warrant the fine discussion that arises on this site.

    Yes while we have not had the hyperinflation blowout etc in the conventional sense, the fact remains that the blowout has already happened, it is just that there are certain capacitor banks on the circuit that have allowed power to flow in certain sectors without the lights blowing out, dimming or flickering.

    Those capacitors, with sophisticated shunts to ground, are such things as war, crooked accounting, speculative frenzies, central bank manipulations and looting, yes black budgets on a number of fronts, and economic progress of a chimerical sort represented by the information age, computers and the like.

    While we have had a certain ascendency through computers, coming out of military spending and space exploration spending, the main trend in the west has been a move towards destruction of the physical infrastructure
    which includes the mental and moral capabilities of the population, critically in the west.

    The real collapse is evidence by the FACT that we have not invested in the space program as we could have for the last 40 years, that our cities are in ruins, that the middle class is imploding, that we do not have a very smart, nor technically trained population any more, that we are no longer the manufacturing nation we once were, that we have looted things and people to provide profits that are not based upon physical economy improvements, which would have to be measured in the fact that we are still in the stone age as regards energy production, and this is about a deliberate dumbing down of the world by various cartels. It can also be measured in a fundamental lack of beauty within modern society, evidencing its degradation, from clothing to music, to the visual arts, all representing for the most part a spiritual degradation.

    Now we did have a certain grace period after World War II and with the bounty of the baby boomers whose biological exuberance was evidenced during the 1960 with the psychedelic revolution which had the potential to crack open the egg so to speak of a mass society, but rather was appropriated by mass society and shuffled into stadiums of hedonistic nihilism and the corporatocracy that would rise in fascist three piece suit black block of cocaine snorting yuppie entrepreneurial thieves hitting the apotheosis of evil with the chickenhawk neocons and the ziocons of the fake left pushing us into world war III as we speak.

    Yes the capacitor banks are about to blow, and the ground fault is about
    to frack open literally.

    August Stanley Owsley’s fear of a mega blizzard on the Canadian Shield might well come true along with a number of scenarios….

    It may well be that the currency offered would be like those evil cults of sacrifice around the world trying to appease the sun….we are still in quite a delusional mess.

    But it does not have to be so.

    • Button on November 22, 2014 at 8:47 am

      Sublimely put, Gaia. One of my favorite quotes by James Burnham in his book ‘The Struggle for the World’:

      “There is in American life a strain of callow brutality. This betrays itself no less in the lynching and gangsterism at home than in the arrogance and hooliganism of soldiers or tourists abroad. The provincialism of the American mind expresses itself in a lack of sensitivity toward other peoples and other cultures. There is in many Americans an ignorant contempt for ideas and tradition and history, a complacency with the trifles of merely material triumph. Who, listening a few hours to the American radio, could repress a shudder if he thought that the price of survival [of a non-communist society] would be the Americanization of the world?”

      I disagree with much of Burnham’s ideas, but this is the most accurate description of American (and now, Westernized) culture as one can obtain.

      Having went to college with and worked under “cocaine snorting yuppie thieves”, I can honestly say there is no other creature in the known universe to match the conceited, self-entitled right to piracy through a deliberate lack of intellectual or moral capital as this type of sociopath. The lifestyle and worldview of living on credit seems to be all they comprehend, with ethics and ideas being ‘borrowed’ when and as needed to fulfill some short-term, tactical demand for drugs, clothes, toys, or sex.

      Communism vs. capitalism was a useful dichotomy for the uninitiated that has now been discarded for the ultimate realization: the religion known as ‘Consumerism’. The straightforward brutality and enforced collectivism of the Communist police state (think of the diabolical brilliance of Facebook and Twitter here) melded with the shameless and myopic greed of the ‘free market’. Salesmen are the obnoxious, traveling evangelicals of this religion to Consumerize the entire planet, and corporations are the competing sects and orders.

      • Joseph P. Farrell on November 22, 2014 at 6:07 pm

        Nice quotations and observations, and unfortunately true… thanks you for sharing Button.

      • Gaia Mars-hall on November 23, 2014 at 7:17 am

        Thanks Button, your own observations through experience and yes the quote that does paint the unfortunately correct picture of the now prevalent “Americanus Uglisus” or as the Russians now call us Pindosi’s living in Pindostan.

        Here is one definition I found:

        “That word from Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Pindosy” in Serbo-Croatian language means “penguins”. The fact is that the U.S. military always go to full uniforms, flak jackets in with a flashlight, walkie etc., and in doing so ridiculous to waddle with their feet on the leg, like penguins. In the army, the Americans have signed the treaty, which states that if they get injured, and in doing so they will not be full of uniforms, they will not be paid by insurance. Therefore, the U.S. military never go easily dressed.”

        It could also refer to the capitalist in the 3 piece suite such as the clip you share.

        Yes in relation to that the clip from Network, one that I had forgotten, really sums the game up quite nicely. Considering that the film came out, what in 76, I get the feeling from that scene, acted as a mass brainwashing activity in itself upon a generation of Americans….It would be right around this time that the three piece suite came into its chic ascendency, like a blossom from hell. The thing is that theater like that, brainwashing sessions, infect people with fear and thought the ultimate intention might be to elicit resistance to such loathsome creatures, well we know who continued to stay in power.

  5. yourgoldteeth on November 22, 2014 at 4:42 am

    The money the Fed created never made it into the economy, because the Fed instituted a new policy of paying interest on “excess” reserves banks hold with it (i.e. reserves in excess of those required).

    So the Fed created money, bought bonds from the banks, and then the banks put the money right back into their accounts at the Fed, where it draw interest.

    Quantitative Easing: Was It Worth It?

    INSTEAD OF CREATING NEW MONEY through additional lending, the Fed’s QE policies have greatly expanded the amount of EXCESS RESERVES IN THE BANKING SYSTEM. (See Chart 2.) In other words, banks have mostly decided to hold onto the cash that the Fed gave them when it executed all those securities purchases. Consequently, it is rather difficult to argue that these Fed policies have done much to expand the economy.[8]

    …..The fact that the FED STARTED PAYING INTEREST ON RESERVES IN OCTOBER 2008, something it had not previously done, could also explain the buildup in (idle) excess reserves. This new policy lowered banks’ incentive to create more money with new reserve balances because it reduced the cost of holding excess reserves. On the surface, it makes little sense for the Fed to flood the market with trillions in reserves and simultaneously induce banks to forgo using them to make new loans.

    • Lost on November 22, 2014 at 9:01 am

      The Federal Reserve is rewarding bankers with that money, of course it’s more about deal making than actually lending the monies to productive ventures.

      However 3 trillion dollars seem pretty small in comparison to 73 trillion, and that larger number suggests where the Feb could possibly be getting its financing.

  6. ThePythonicCow on November 21, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    I’m starting to look at “this” (our money and such) in a very different way.

    Money is lent into existence, in return for the promise to pay back a greater value of goods, services, property and resources in the future. That works (from the lenders perspective) as long as (1) they have the “bigger guns” to ensure collection and (2) there is an increasing supply of goods, et al, available in the future to repay (the borrower always promises to pay back more than they borrowed).

    “Gold” is the premier symbol used to “baptize” the dominant money of the realm, the King’s Coins. Money is not actually valuable because the banker has gold in the vault. It is actually valuable because the banker’s backers have bigger guns, so can collect on those promises (whether real promises, made in good faith, or not … that matters little … just so long as the Judge is one of their Hired Guns.)

    Initially, debts can be paid off. I borrowed $10,000 for the education/degree needed to commence a career that paid $100,000/year. I paid that debt easily. The American economy, especially the high tech area where I worked, was on a major up trend from the end of World War II, when I was born, until a few years ago, when I retired.

    Now my son is being invited to borrow $100,000 to obtain a degree that might earn him a $10,000/year job flipping hamburgers. That won’t work .

    The debt of individuals, corporations and governments piles up. This includes all promises to “Pay Value in the Future”, whether in the form of debt paper, or in the form of promised benefits. That’s the basis of Babylonian Money Magic; it’s debt money, blessed with the Holy Metal of Gold. Eventually, the world of defacto defaulted debt paper and promises, if the derivatives and swaps thereupon, of the fraud and deceit and such further thereupon, overwhelms the underlying physical reality. The real physical economy declines, while the nominal amount of these promises goes ballistic. The parasite overwhelms the host, the body of human civilization becomes a massive metastasized monetary tumor. Then newer, bigger, “better”, debt paper is invented, to refinance the old, and begin the cycle again.

    The monetary flows we are catching glimpses of between various central banks, major banks, intelligence agencies, governments, corporations, and whatever … these are not necessarily money going to buy something “real.” They are the overflowed cesspool of defacto defaulted debt, sloshing about, growing in nominal amounts exponentially. The Fed is not “printing money” that then has to be “kept from causing inflation on Main Street”. Rather they are concocting yet more such debt paper (such as US Treasuries) to exchange with other already recognized to be dubious debt paper (such as Mortgage Backed Securities) in order to keep the charade going a little bit longer. The debt grows, because it can do nothing else, even as it becomes increasingly difficult to find solvent borrowers. It’s a game of deck chairs on the Titanic, played by Furniture Manufacturing Tycoons. Eventually, the boat capsizes, from the weight of the deck chairs, piled miles high.

    I do not see how one can speculate (1) from the massive (quadrillions) nominal amounts of derivatives sloshing about (2) to any realistic measure of how much real work, resources, or research is involved.

    The amount of actual gold on, or off, planet matters little to this Money Magic. The King is just as powerful whether he has one crown or one hundred crowns in his closet. The crown on his head is a sign of his power. On my head, a crown is part of a silly Halloween costume. In my pocket, a gold coin might be a better way, or a worse, way, to preserve my paltry savings through this monetary transition, but it won’t ever be allowed to grant me any serious power or make me filthy rich. Such is not my lot in this life.

    In the old days, so the story goes, they had debt jubilees, in which debts were forgiven. Now they have monetary collapses and every century or so, a major restructuring is required of the world’s dominant debt and currency. The parasite lives on, after reincarnating a new host from the carcass of the old one.

    So … conclusion … don’t count the Dollars to find clues of the “real” world … those are becoming increasingly divorced, as we enter into a time of tumult in the world’s monetary system, rather predictably and periodically so.

    The great shift in gold from West to East is a key indicator that this monetary transition, this restructuring of the “world reserve currency”, is soon to be upon us.

    • Lost on November 22, 2014 at 9:13 am

      But as you clearly realize valuable technology can indeed be used to pay off those debts incurred to make it.

      In other words who cares if the US treasury sells bonds so the government can fund, for a say 20 million dollars, the project now called inventing the internet.

      Same with funding universities, and some highways.

      But bailing out a whole sector based mostly on speculation not production is costly.

      I more than suspect that newer more interesting technology makes most this of debt immaterial, however the only bankers who’ll will like that situation are the ones who have longterm contracts to benefit from having actually funded some of these projects.

      The bigger problem is that bankers want bonuses based on quarterly returns, and the information storage types (librarians) who invented the search methods that became Google aren’t working at that kind of schedule.

      • ThePythonicCow on November 22, 2014 at 3:21 pm

        Lost wrote: “But as you clearly realize valuable technology can indeed be used to pay off those debts incurred to make it.”

        No, I don’t realize that .

        The debt expands exponentially, limited only by its own collapse.

        Seriously — that is the game — that is how this money magic works. Keep lending out present value in return for promises of greater future value in return, ad infinitum, or as in this case, ad nauseam.

        Nothing can grow exponentially forever. Nothing.

        Sure, technology extends the potential growth out further. But it is the actual intention, as seen so many times in other nations in my life, and as will soon be seen in the US where I live, to force debt default, in order to pass control of labor and resources to the lender.

        It’s theft at gunpoint, disguised as a game that we voluntarilly enter into, making it easier on the thief.

        They’ve been playing this game on humanity at least since the height of the Babylonian civilization … and they are currently playing (as will become evident to all soon enough) another round of bankruptcy, austerity and repossession on the United States, as the so called world’s reserve currency (the unit of its most liquid debt) is reincarnated once again.

  7. RAJM on November 21, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    What value is earth based currency off planet unless that currency is exchanged for bullion or some other mass based commodity..

  8. Aridzonan_13 on November 21, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    The fact that we reigned in our Moon program and confined ourselves to Planet Earth for decades, let’s me know that there are potentially off world variables to the equation. I’m guessing that the asteroid belt has been stripped of the more valuable metals and / or claims by force of arms puts those resources off limits to us. However, we may have purchased mining rights / leases. I don’t think any off world transactions are conducted in $FRN’s. My guess is much of the MIA gold has been used to buy off world tech, pay Federation Dues, and or taxes.. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the Galactic going prices for precious metals are?

    • Lost on November 22, 2014 at 9:15 am

      Why would gold be valuable, it can be made in quantity from things like mercury?

  9. Frankie Calcutta on November 21, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    Wasn’t MC Hammer Earth’s first trillioniare for a short while back in the nineties?

    There is nothing that makes my blood boil more than the thought of a bunch of greedy aliens sitting around their ammonia filled swimming pools snorting asteroid dust and watching young nubile alien girls jiggling their three mammary glands in the noon day suns all on the Earthman’s dime. If the banksters managed to convince them that Earth dollars have great value on their planet, then my hat’s off to the banksters. What chutzpah! But I guess if you were an alien observing the Earth you would quickly discover that, sadly, money is the most cherished item on our planet. Maybe they think they are stealing a piece of our God? Maybe if they get all our money, they believe they will have completely captured our most important deity and with him their prisoner the aliens believe they will have great power over us. Maybe this covert assault is what keeps them from physically attacking the Earth. Maybe our banskters even know this and that is why they keep printing so much money– to keep the aliens at bay. So indeed, a tribute of sorts.

    Or maybe for aliens, money is just a collector’s item to gather when visiting Earth like some tourist trinket or a Mexican peso. Maybe it is just a fun game for them to steal our money and they continually devise clever ways to beat our system time and again and pilfer our currency to their amusement. Is this what quantitative easing really is about? Keeping one step ahead of those thieving aliens? What if WWII nazis, escaping Earth in a spacecraft, were captured by aliens and managed to convince them that the funny paper in their pockets is used on Earth as mattress stuffing. Maybe this was a final act of revenge against the victorious banskters back on Earth who were now the undisputed controllers of the Earth’s money supply. Could these rag tag nazis, with memories of the bankster’s Weimar Republic on their mind, have convinced the aliens to steal the banksters’ money back on Earth? Maybe the real rush to get into space is because it is known by the Breakaway Civilization and the banksters that aliens have been stuffing their mattresses with Earth money for decades now and there is a fortune waiting for them under these sleeping giant cousins? Maybe it is not the legend of the Tower of babel that motivates them but the tale of Jack and The Beanstalk instead?

    My last speculation would be: what if the runaway inflation is off planet? What if working conditions are so severe in outer space that hourly wages are in the millions of dollars? Fruit so scarce that a single banana is worth a billion dollars? Maybe the Breakaways could only keep their workforce happy off planet by paying them exorbitant wages and this has now spiraled out of control off planet (and where the banksters hope to keep it contained). It is even possible that the mineral wealth they are discovering is so valuable that the off planet miners are all trillionaires and they are paying for their happy hour cocktails on their space stations in bearer bonds. Imagine if all these trillionaire miners returned to Earth all at once to spend their fortunes? Move over London and Wall Street banksters. Move over western intelligence banskters. Move over Taiwanese housewive banksters. There is a new cabal in town with some even deeper pockets. Don’t let their headlamps and dirty faces fool you. And for these hardened explorers, I imagine the entire Earth is just a commodity, a floating rock with buried minerals for exploitation. Maybe this is what ebola is really being tested for? It is going to be used on one of our rich miner colonies in outer space– trillionairicide.

  10. TRM on November 21, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    Time for some oxygen deprived specs 🙂

    $75 trillion is 75 billion oz of gold at $1000 which makes about 2.5 million tons (short) or just over 2 million tons (metric).

    Now we’ve heard CAF say that there is close to 500,000 tons of gold (much higher than the official ~200k) so at what price does 500k tons gold equal the 75 billion? About $4000 per ounce.

    Drive gold down to buy as much as possible, then just default on all the paper gold and say “sorry, you lose and here is your paper money (now worthless) back”. Allow gold to rise and you have a real, hard asset to back your new currency!

  11. GizaBrother on November 21, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    When you carefully study what’s going on, you can conclude there is massive broad scale global corruption and bribery going on. So although much of this kind of money goes to the power agenda, that power agenda requires an enormous amounts of feeding in order to keep growing, I would think exponentially more. Philosophically speaking you could say that feeding negative energy is enormously expensive. In the ancient times, it is said that people were digging gold for the Annunaki. At these modern times, we might be looking at something similar, however maybe more at the biological/DNA level. Beyond this, a lot of the power agenda is in the hardcore military power, where you constantly have upgrades being made, these cost an enormous amount of money to both implement and recycle and the budgets are kept hidden too. It is simply not cheap to keep growing the hidden world without it to get exploited. So all the bankers getting suicided, all the planes disappearing, all media propaganda etc., the hidden financial systems and so on, it all probably requires a lot of feeding.

    So what this means Mr. Joseph, is that the dark world is very very vast! And you make a great point when you speculate that maybe it is close to becoming too vast. The answer is likely yes because it is very likely that with more and more components in the equation – each being a potential breakpoint – it would probably turn into something exponential to feed and keep control of.

    BTW. Great article!

  12. DownunderET on November 21, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    75 trillion !!!! it’s hard to even to get your head around that figure, but considering that Martin Bormann got away with 800 million in 1944, and then invest it over 70 years PLUS all of Yamashita’ gold bullion, well there you have it. Then give that to the breakaway civilization and voila 75 trillion.
    One cannot imagine JUST HOW they have managed to “hide” this loot, I mean it would be difficult to sweep it under the carpet, and keep it hidden from the carpet cleaners.
    Well Joseph may be right, maybe it isn’t “HERE” at all, but just tucked away on the Moon or Mars for safe keeping. This all leads to a conundrum of GALACTIC proportions (pun intended), and if it’s off world, then the breakaway civilization doesn’t have to look over it’s shoulder for a busy body financial police force.

  13. Guygrr on November 21, 2014 at 11:53 am

    I stumbled across this in a letter to congress from a “potential” asteroid mining company. Look where the majority of these metals come from on earth. If true, it’s yet more motivation for our lovely military industrial financial complex to get out there if they aren’t already.

    “Platinum group metals are extremely rare resources – even rarer than rare-Earth elements – and are necessary for the construction of catalytic convertors, electronics, medical devices, glass, turbine blades, and jewelry. Today, the major sources of platinum group metals are South Africa and Russia. A single 500-meter platinum-rich asteroid contains more platinum than has been mined in the history of humanity.”

  14. marcos toledo on November 21, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Along with metals like iron how much gold and silver is there in the asteroid belt and on other planets in the solar system. And why stop at that what’s on in the comets as well that might be worth mining. With the space program on suspended animation for the last forty years what have our overlords been up to their not telling us.

    • moxie on November 21, 2014 at 11:08 am

      What would be the one commodity that would be universally prized? And it also relates to energy

  15. Gail on November 21, 2014 at 8:03 am

    I think it has been held up by two things. Firstly USTreasury bonds, which countries around the world have been forced to buy because the dollar has been the international reserve currency and petrol is traded in the petro dollar.

    A recent finger in the dyke has been the Japanese, forced to buy 1.2 trillion in USTreasuries and hand over their pension funds to criminal central. Japan once a thriving economy was going to join BRICS, 10 guesses as to what put a stop to that and no prizes for the right answer either. Abe was looking very cap in hand and tail between his legs recently in China. Sort of like a lost puppy hoping the cat he just barked as visciously would be his friend.

    The next thing that is going to prop it up is bail ins on a massive scale. Cyprus on the richter scale as discussed at the G20. This will involve pension funds, mutual funds, IRA accounts and the entire savings accounts. Someone pointed out that Putin left early because he refused to participate in Bail in talks. If true, I am sure that this has endeared him to criminal central even more.

    I think what has also been holding it up, for a very long time and is quite rightly a hidden system of finance. But, it is only hidden because tax payers world wide do not know about it. Countries around the world and their government are listed on the NY securities exchange as corporations. Remember, if you are not for us you are against us? Join us if you want to be part of the system, if you don’t we will take you out. A “we came we saw he died,”sort of moment. Due to being part of this club back at criminal central, tax revenues from countries world wide have been filling criminal centrals coffers. Hence the need worldwide to privatise EVERYTHING, a sort of Thatcherism and Reaganomics on steroids. For example The most recent victim being the UK’s NHS. Hence the declining public education health, roads, basic infrastructure that was once paid for by taxes in many countries and EU austerity measures. But the taxes have gone to criminal central to prop up their military industrial complex with total hegemony on land sea and air.

    This was one of the most enligtening talks I have ever listened to , especially at approx 10 minutes with regard to countries around the world and their tax revenues.

    With regard to gold, I disagree with you. Pasca Lima and Barrick. This was criminal centrals solution to the US gold reserve depletion as far back as Nixon, plus re hypothecation of gold bars ,gold price suppression and GLD paper certificates that are only good for toilet paper. A real bar in the hand is worth 10,000 gld on HFT trading floors.But, Pasca Lima did not come off. Barrick lost the case last year. And what is more they had already sold Gold to countries even though they had not even started mining yet. They were selling gold that did not exist. IF they had not lost the case, the US and criminal central would have slotted into the BRICS system without any trouble whatsoever. As it stands, the east now has all the gold and criminal central doesn’t even have Pasca Lima. Hence the nessesity to ramp up WW3 and get into Russia. They have already stolen Ukraine”s gold, AND the rest in Libya etc, and now in Mali , Nigeria and Cameroon, bring on the Ebola virus chaps! Next stop Moscow. Talking of which , another interesting article:

    Personally I am rather tired of criminal central and should it get to that stage, I hope Putin kicks them in the nuts once and for all!

  16. QuietRiot on November 21, 2014 at 7:44 am

    There’s one other thing to think about. Catherine Austin Fitts has been saying that the powers that be are creating a new system of equity to replace the system that we have that is constructed of debt. One interesting comment in that article that you mentioned is their observation that strictly speaking, The $75 trillion in assets is technically a liability. Now that sounds like a banker setting up a system of equity: one that is technically debt. As as that famous Yankee once said, “it’s déjà vu all over again.”

  17. WalkingDead on November 21, 2014 at 6:22 am

    Why does it have to be alien at all? Are we setting up the breakaway civilization off world with infrastructure, ships, mining operations, terraforming, etc.
    If it is our genetic cousins; are they attempting to bail on the rest of us before some type of intervention? If so, do they actually believe that’s possible and this wont be monitored or discovered? Or, have they made some type of “deal” using the rest of humanity as “tribute” to buy their escape?
    Another possibility might be found in all the underground bases. Maybe they plan on riding out what’s coming underground, sealed off from the rest of humanity with the means to jump start civilization after the coming nuclear war should Hillary Clinton make it into the white house.
    Whatever it is, you can bet it wont be the 99% of us who will be sacrificed for the benefit and survival of the 1%.
    There is an entire tree of twigs we could climb out onto…

    • WalkingDead on November 21, 2014 at 6:54 am

      Allow me to toss out one more twig…
      The global warming issue is a dead horse, it appears what is actually starting to happen is the sun is heading toward a “grand solar minimum”, which it does periodically if you research it. This will lead to what is termed a “mini ice age”, approximately a 30 year period of severe global cooling. This will result in lower harvests, starvation, even wars. Possibly one more reason to ride it out underground…

  18. kitona on November 21, 2014 at 5:14 am

    It’s a good question. Clearly most work with the assumption that Earth is the limit of the financial system. But if we venture beyond that, it opens a lot of questions. Are we bailing out the martians (or whatever extra terrestrial species is out there)? Or are they bailing us out?

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