Technical Support Notice

Non-Commenters Keep Your Giza Account Alive

November 13, 2014 By noreplies

We do periodic housecleaning at Giza, to keep the site at optimal functionality for everyone. If you're a member with access to the members' area, this note does not apply to you. If you're a free subscriber (meaning you can comment on posts, but don't have access to the member area), you must have logged in at least once in your life and commented substantively on at least once post. At that point your account is in great shape from then on. That's right, you only have to do this once for the account to be marked as proper, legitimate, etc. From time to time we'll clean out free subscriber accounts (commenters) that have never postedΒ a comment and/or never logged in. This helps us better identify and thwart spammers, and keep Giza clean, fresh, and running smoothly. So if you're a subscriber and have never commented on a post (you know who you are), please take a moment to offer your thoughts, 2 cents, or discussion point on one of your favorite or recent Giza Death Star posts. You're input will likely be of interest to all.