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November 18, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Recently I was driving with a friend along a freeway during a long trip, and while we were riding and talking, I saw off in the distance a pickup truck which my friend began to pass, and on that truck was a red, white, and blue bumper sticker. From the distance, I could make out the year "2016," and I remarked, somewhat caustically, that we had just lived through, merely a week before, yet another (s)election cycle in which we were offered the "choice" of Dummycrooks or Republithugs, donkey dung or elephant dung, once again, and here, merely a week later, there were already bumper stickers in evidence for the next staged political theater cycle. As we drew closer to the truck, however, the name on the bumper sticker promoting a presidential candidate simply said: "Putin."

My friend and I both had a good chuckle at the bumper sticker.

But it made me think: just exactly why is the President of the Russian Federation so popular in the West, in spite of the attempts of Western media to demonize both him and his country? Once back home, I googled "Putin 2016" and sure enough, all sorts of mock-political bumper stickers and political campaign buttons popped up, some of them even reminiscent of the "I like Ike" buttons from the 1950s. One reason for the Russian President's popularity is simply his character and stature compared to the cloned non-entities of Western leaders, as a simple comparison of him to, say, Prime Ministers Harper or Cameron, Presidents Obama or Hollande, or Chancellorin Merkel, evidence. Next to them, Putin is both articulate, can think on his feet, and does not need a teleprompter to make his thoughts known, which he can and does do, clearly, and with evident conviction, yet another thing lacking in western "leaders." Putin is unabashedly proud of Russia, loves his homeland and its culture, intends to defends it, and makes no secret of it. Moreover, he actually spends time with his fellow Russians, answering real questions in real Q&A sessions that make the staged theater of the American "town hall meetings" and "presidential debates" look like the fake Soviet propaganda that they really are.

There is, however, another reason he is popular, one that perhaps works subliminally and subconsciously in his western admirers, and this factor was brought home to me during a recent discussion with former Assistant Secretary of Housing And Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts during her most recent visit. As we sat discussing the "Putin Phenomenon," she made the salient observation that much of the Russian President's popularity is due to the fact that he is articulating a different vision of the global future than that being proffered by the purveyors of globalogna in London and Washington. It's the mere presence of that "something else," other than Labour or Tory or Dummycrook of Republithug global corporate New World Order claptrap that makes him attractive. This, coupled with his evident and apparently sincere conviction, versus the tired shopworn cliches and playbook of "a thousand points of light" and "hope and change", is the attraction.

Which makes his most recent gaffe all the more interesting, and to my mind, damaging, a crucial warning signal:

Vladimir Putin: Soviet pact with Hitler wasn’t so bad

Well...yea, the Nazi-Soviet pact was a "bad" thing(let's drop the euphemisms... it was an evil thing perpetrated by two evil men and their evil lackeys). It not only paved the way for the genocide not just of Jews, but pretty much everyone else on the Nazi Hate List, which was pretty much everyone who wasn't a Nazi. It was directly responsible for the slaughter of World War Two, for the rapid Nazi takeover of most of Europe, for the Fascist and Nazi aggression in Africa, and ultimately, for the real bloodletting of World War Two, which was in Mr.Putin's own country, which suffered fully half, if not more than half, of all of the casualties of World War Two in order to bring the Nazi juggernaut down. Notwithstanding Salon's slavish repetition of all the claptrap about Mr. Putin's "aggression" in the Crimea, or the eastern Ukraine, and its convenient avoidance of the fact that it was the West which brought about the disaster in the Ukraine with its support of blatantly neo-Fascist elements to stage its coup against a legitimate government in Kiev, remarks like this aren't helping your case, Mr. Putin, and they're certainly not going to help your standing in the polls or your election chances in the 2016 American Presidential (s)election cycle.

Our advice? Hire President Obama's handlers or Karl Rove. After all, if they can turn a non-entity with no real legislative records or accomplishments, or a blithering mediocrity like G.W. Bush into a successful bid for the White House on the completely empty slogan of "hope and change" and hanging chads, they can erase a few tiny problematical statements about the Hitler-Stalin pact. After all, most Americans are so dumbed down they don't even know much about the history of World War Two, except that General Patton won it single-handedly.

See you on the flip side...

(My thanks to Ms. S.H. for sharing this article).