1. Those beautiful children….what a horror and how it chills anyone from telling the truth.

    Eric, I’ll pray along with you. Makes me sick at heart.

  2. If you read the actual case filed in the NY Federal district court it reads as a defense for Bush and all his right wing cronies blaming everything they’ve done to advance the fraudulant mortgage based bond and securities issuance, denying right wing participation in perpetrating the fraud and blaming it all on Obama and his supporters. Looks like a disinformation campaign by the CFR using the lawsuit to give it some kind legitimacy. No facts are presented in the original law suit only broad unsubstantiated accusations that seek to freeze finances and unlock records of the banks transactions that would take years to untangle once surrendered to the court. It imply’s an attack by those accussed on the good name of every piece of kaka in the US financial system and political supporter. Its a misdirection of suspects in a real crime senario,quite clever but they give it away immediatly by stating unequivically that Bush and Bush senior and all their close political associates had nothing to do with this ponzi scam. After that the joke is obvious.

    1. You mean something CNBC reports as valid is false and a giant misdirection empty of actual facts one can check, I’m shocked, just shocked.

      There reason the Fox Business Network has never taken off, it’s that CNBC got there first.

  3. I’ll add this one that I didn’t see until browsing an old People magazine:

    An heir to the Halliburton fortune found murdered in the tub in Sept 2014. The mafiosi are cranking things up on one another.

    Also, about that Virgin Galactic crash recently, a tidbit from Jim Stone:
    “I attempted to get some of my own Hi-Rez pictures of the crash site Tuesday 11/4/2014 but was met with this at all access point to the Garlock Valley. It seems only AP or Reuters credential photographers were allowed access. I called NTSB to complain and only got voice mail, no call back. Sheriff deputies would not answer the simplest of questions.
    I know a gold mine owner in the area. He tells me as of 11/5/2014, the entire area remains blocked by NTSB mandate. Even his workers are unable to access their own property. His live in groundskeeper tells him they have flood lights all night long searching for parts.

    But here is the “X-Files” part of the story. One week before the accident a Cessna crashed in the same area. Locals witnessed a helicopter quickly arrive and removed 2 bodies. 2 days later, the Cessna wreckage was gone. Removed at night. Then Spaceship 2 drops out of the sky onto the same location just a few days later.

    As of today, the FAA website does not acknowledge ANY small aircraft accidents in the area during time frame of witnessed occurrence.

    Several weeks before all this happened, locals witnessed another strange occurrence. Working at night, the entire valley ( 8 x 22 miles ) was suddenly lit up with laser grid lines for about 30 minutes. No one was able to determine the point of origination of the lasers.
    …Garlock is the longest east west earthquake fault in California. It sits between Edwards AFB to the south and China Lakes Navy to the north. Spaceship 2 apparently uses the Honda test track as a visual mark to be exactly between 2 military airspaces.”

  4. This looks like the New York case were the mother and older daughter survived. Because they out of the apartment at the time of the murders. Is this the same case or same MO even the Mafia had more honor at one time than to do this welcome to the Gangster States of America.

  5. This is a two year old story.

    And except for speculation, only the nanny has ever been implicated in the murders. (So for this to work as conspiracy the nanny would have to have been controlled.)

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