1. Richard Hoagland’s picture of a child’s sized shoe from the curiosity mars rover mission in 2012 is even better. Look up his website “enterprise” and the mission to mars pictures which are analysed in detail with the last 4 minutes of a 2 hour discertation containing the picture of the shoe (sport shoe-like) and what looks to be a child’s toy model of some sort of glider or other aircraft. If Richard Hoaglands credentials are not good enough for him to be believed then who is?

  2. I still think the Kermit the frog picture from NASA s first doggy probe to be more revealing of the kind of leadership that is present. Keeping in mind that the Apollo 11 boys were on wires in a studio. Just like puppets on gestepos strings.
    Would like to think there is a real space program in the works, but too much bs to waft through to get too it. Good videos over on YouTube of Kubrick’s the shining leaving no doubts of his involvement in the production of the Apollo movies.and also lots of other tricks the ancients use to use on us…..check out the stained glass window in one brief image……and the bathtub scene overlapped and reversed. The higher ups did scorch the Grimms , so whatever they have planned for us is going to be ….

  3. It looks like a valve or the impression of one but this is only the latest of out of place objects being found. On Mars, Moon, Asteroids-Comets by NASA and other spacefaring countries probes throughout the solar system. When will these liars come clean and admit we’re not alone in the Universe.

    1. Right!…a stamp or a weighted soil impression from the Rover. Also the weighted impression includes the slightly curved “ridge” just to the left.

      Also notice the obvious slight displacement of the rock (with the caricature nose) to the lower left of the valve AND the fine-line soil cracks to the upper left of the valve. All of these indications “smell” like recent weight on this area.

  4. Is this from a rover photo? It appears to me to be more of a ‘stamp’ in the soil than an actual object, notice the grain and the curve in the soil to its left. But that leaves just as many questions, does the rover have an apparatus that would cause this sort of image ( if so, to what purpose) and if not, then what did?

    1. Also, I might add that the image itself may be trying to communicate something, as it is an ancient symbol. I noticed that some people on the Internet were calling it a Celtic cross, but I think that’s a wrong lead.

  5. Did this make it into the MSM tee-vee world? It’s hard to get a scale perspective but never the less nature did not produce it. Drip, drip, drip.You would think this would be a “Hot” topic around the water cooler. “D” has been happening all the time if one cares to take the time to look.Has academia chimed in on this to offer an explanation?
    Thanks for the info.

  6. Oops! Left behind by those helpful (who?) that cleaned off the camera window-plate of the dusted over Mars Rover so many years ago… 🙂

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