1. I’ll pitch in this from jimstonefreelance.com (not sure what you think of this site, Dr. Farrell):

    The psychological warfare aspect of it all

    A lot is being done to front the Ebola scam and give it legs, so much so that yet another “Ebola nurse” Kaci Hickox who worked for the CDC was trained in psychological warfare in 2012 before being deployed in Africa to “work Ebola”. So why would the CDC want a nurse trained in psychological warfare? perhaps because she had to, as part of her job, work to convince the victim population that despite there being no symptoms of classic “Ebola” it really was “Ebola” and not some other illness, or perhaps even just formaldehyde poisoned water or formaldehyde laced “vaccines” that were killing people.
    Early on, Africans were insisting that this was not Ebola, and that something else was causing these illnesses. Who finally succeeded in shutting them up? Perhaps a girl who was trained to be good at shutting people up while fronting as a nurse. She knows it is fake, which is why she is refusing quarantine.
    [if you go to the site you’ll see Kaci Hickox’s picture labeled under “EIS Officers, class of 2012”. http://jimstonefreelance.com/kacih.jpg%5D

  2. This does bring up the possibility that the plaques of history which broke out after major wars. Where not due to diseases causes but to disruptions of food supplies, sanitation, and depression. One of your commenters on this website brought this up in relation to Ebola in Africa.

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