November 2, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ms. P.H., a regular reader here, sent me this video with the header, "This could very well blow your mind..."  Well, knowing that Ms. P.H. seldom resorts to such sweeping statements, I watched the video, and yes, it blew my mind. It starts out as one of those bland "sun spot" reports, with its charts and graphs and breathtaking motion picture of the Sun's corona and the easily discernible "plasma cells" within it(Dr. Richter anyone?). And, oh yes, what are those funny UFO-things that appear to be buzzing a sunspot region and flying in formation? and more importantly, if they are some sort of UFO, then just how-the-heck-big are they, and whose are they?

Here's that video(and by the way, note the "astrological" allusion at the beginning of this video, as Jupiter and Mercury conjunct over the flare):


Now, I can imagine that certain folks in the "scientific community" will resort to the standard physiblither and assure us that what we're seeing is not what we think we're seeing, and therefore, it's all unusual but an entirely natural sort of sun spot fluke(Ed. note: "physiblither" is the physics equivalent of psychoblather and edubabble, and it's when a credentialed "expert" assures us that, because we are incapable of understanding tensor calculus and gauge symmetries rotation groups and other inscrutable High Mysteries, we shouldn't form any opinions of our own on what we might be seeing, as they're bound to be incorrect).

Well, physiblither aside, and while I don't know about you, I do know about me, and those "thingies" certainly look as if they're being maneuvered, assuming for the sake of argument of course that we're not looking at a clever sort of video editing.

As odds would have it, within a day or two of Ms. P.H. sharing this thought-provoking video, Mr. V.T. shared a story which, with a little tracking down, I was able to find portions of a transcript of an interview on National Public Radio:

DOD: Climate Change Is A Volatile Factor In International Security

Lew Rockwell is considerably less bland, and his take is worth mentioning:

Department of Defense Declares War on the Sun:

The Admiral suggests that the battle for climate change will be fought in the Arctic.  Don’t worry, the interviewer is equally confused:

RM: Can you make the connection? Can you make the connection for me? Why would the U.S. military have to open up that front? Why would they be working in the Arctic?

DT: Oil and gas, I think many people know that some of the last greatest reserves of oil and gas are up in the Arctic.

So, the navy must protect access to oil and gas – one of the primary contributors (per the bogus science) of man-made global warming climate change?

RM: But how would the military respond? …What do you propose that the U.S. military be doing to combat climate change? Is there anything from a tactical level that can be done?

DT: Sure. So from a tactical level….

Tactical nukes – enough to lower the temperature a few degrees:

Nuclear winter (also known as atomic winter) is a hypothetical climatic effect of countervalue nuclear war. Models suggest that detonating dozens or more nuclear weapons on cities prone to firestorm, comparable to the Hiroshima city of 1945, could have a profound and severe effect on the climate causing cold weather and reduced sunlight for a period of months or even years by the emission of large amounts of the firestorms’ smoke and soot into the Earth’s stratosphere.

How about just lobbing twenty or thirty thousand warheads in the direction of the sun? Knock a few hundred thousand square kilometers of the Sun’s photosphere out of commission, diminishing the area from which energy is released?  Call it “Operation Enduring Winter.”

Just kidding, he didn’t say this.

Maybe they can attach a thermostat to the Sun.  Yeah, that’s it.

Or maybe they have other means of manipulating it, far more sophisticated than lobbing thermonuclear popguns at it.

The problem here is, as I outlined in my second talk at the recent Secret Space Program conference in San Mateo, CA in June, it is just remotely feasible that mankind does possibly posses technologies capable of producing effects in the Sun via resonance. And given the "full spectrum dominance" mentality of the Pentagram and its "military-industrial-intelligence" complex, and the recent appearance of "weather derivatives" in the financial sector, it is not entirely inconceivable that in their pathological insanity, these people would seek to understand the Sun in order to manipulate it even to the point, God help us, of weaponizing it. And if one had, pace Gary McKinnon, a secret space personnel lift capability, and pace Ronald Reagan's memoirs, of 300 people, then perhaps those mysterious fast moving "sunspots" might just be signals that someone is doing just that: manipulating the Sun.

If this sounds like wild and wackadoodle high octane speculation, that's because it is. But in a world of "Full spectrum Dominance," where the Pentagram has stated its intentions to "own the weather," any such statement implies the implicit assumption that all terrestrial weather systems are ultimately coupled to the Sun in a complex ecosystem. And that means ultimately that if one wants to "own the weather," one will have to own the Sun and its processes, and be able to manipulate them. (There is, of course, that even whackier Egyptian idea that stars are living things, and that even whackier quantum and plasma physicist David Bohm problem.... you'll recall he quit working in plasmas because he thought he found too many parallels between the self-organizing behavior of plasmas and life itself... but we're not going there for right now. But assume, just for the fun of it, that the Egyptians and Bohm were right, and ask the question, "What if the Sun doesn't like being manipulated?" One can even imagine a 21st century update to Kubrik's Dr Strangelove, and General Buck Turgidson stating to President Murky Muffley,"Mr. President, we must not allow a stellar manipulation gap!" and Dr. Strangelove chiming in with a heavy German accent, "...of course, it vould be a relatiffely simple matter, ja, to achief some schpecial schtellar effekten mit ze proper resonance und frequenzy, ja? if such a small country had de Vill to do so, vith ze proper training in tradition und proper Leadership skills"... usw. usw.)

That's all folks. Have a nice Apocalypse, and,

....I'll see you on the flip side.