December 6, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

As I've previously said on occasions, one of the interesting things about my job at this website is that once a week or so, I get to comb through all the articles and ideas that so many people kindly share with me. For this, I remain grateful to all of you that take the time to share articles that you've run across. One of the interesting things that happens because of this, is that I occasionally see that people are focused on events or things that do not become major news stories, either in the lamestream media or in the alternative media. This was one of those weeks, for while there has been a momentary "lull" in the spate of mysterious deaths of financiers and bankers during the past week, oddly some of you remained focused on it. Last Thursday I did my News and Views from the Nefarium on the death of financier Scott Therriault, another sad case of a loving man with a family, and a proven track record of performance and competence in his chosen profession. While I could find no reference to the manner of his death, one individual informed me privately that it was suspected suicide. But it's hard to see how a man with a track record of stellar performance and apparently a loving father would do such a thing.

If one add him to the list of suspicious banker deaths, however, one gets a different picture. Consider this list, provided by a regular reader here, Ms. B.H.:

48 suspicious banking deaths

While I'm hardly sympathetic to the sort of "class envy" evidenced by the website's title ("Hang the Bankers"), the list it provides is nonetheless interesting. Ponder the following clues just from this article alone (and there are other more thorough lists out there:

  1. Of the 48 dead bankers or financiers, five were connected to the Rockefeller interests, including JP Morgan;
  2. Of the 48 dead bankers of financiers, anywhere from five to seven were connected with aspects of finance conceivably involving some degree of competency or understanding of the use, and perhaps design, of high frequency trading algorithms;
  3. Of the 48 dead bankers, at least two are directly involved in legal and regulatory issues (and most of those dead would at least have been aware of regulatory and legal issues as a matter of professional competence);
  4. Of the 48 dead bankers, at least seventeen and possibly eighteen were CEO's senior vice presidents, or upper echelon managers;
  5. Of the 48 dead bankers, only one was not directly involved in banking per se, and that is Mr. Richard Talley, the mortgage title businessman found dead; the official story being that he committed suicide by using a nail gun to drive several large nails into his head.

As I indicated in last Thursday's News and Views from the Nefarium, the death of Mr. Therriault seems unusually connected to whatever pattern might be emerging, for he was (1) always in senior management and trading positions, (2) involved in "algorithmic trading", i.e., high frequency trading, which, let it be noted, developed out of the entry of physicists into finance, (3) involved in real estate; and finally (4) involved with derivatives trading, and hence presumably knowledgeable to some degree in various commodities markets, including mortgages and (paper) bullion trades, equities, and so on.

So exactly what, if anything, is that pattern? I have been suggesting that in part this pattern is connected to algorithmic trading (HFT) itself, and to the ability of anyone with access to massive global databases and computational power, to predict and model aggregate human action in a variety of discrete contexts. In short, I've been arguing that at the heart of this story lies the intelligence-surveillance community and its scientists and technocrats, not the bankers.

But as I said at the beginning of this blog, this has been an unusual week... many of you were not only concentrated on the banker deaths but on the possible pattern behind them, and two or three people even made a suggestion which I had to think about. But when I did, the profundity of their insight sank in. Indeed, it left me rather breathless, for like all obvious things that are huge with significance, until that obviousness is articulated or clearly seen for what it is, one tends to miss it. So today's "high octane speculation" is not even my own, but comes courtesy of a few regular readers here.

That insight goes something like this: Do you remember all the suspicious deaths, back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, of physicists around the world, many of them connected to various Western defense contractors? And do you remember all the suspicious deaths, in the late 1990s and on into the early 2000s, of biologists, immunologists, and geneticists around the world, many of them with various connections to various Western defense interests? In  other words, what my emailers were suggesting was to view the banker deaths in the same context as the mysterious deaths of scientists in the biological and physical sciences some decades ago, as part of the same picture. The common thread - though only an implicit one in the bankers' cases, as I've been arguing - is the connection to the west's defense and intelligence-national security infrastructures. Viewed in this light, a secret of some sort, one with huge implications, is being protected (for example, some of the physicists' deaths in the 1980s and 1990s were connected to firms such as the UK's Marconi group, and involved with the design of computer targeting and acquisition software in the Star Wars [Strategic Defense Initiative] of President Reagan. Such software might conceivably become the basis for computer modeling of multi-variable problems of a very different sort: aggregate human behavior. From there, it's a short step to performance modeling of vectors of bio-chemical weapons, and so on). We are, in other words, flirting with the fringes of the notion of artificial intelligence, a subject in the news lately with Elon Musk's and Stephen Hawking's dire warnings that this might spell the end of humanity. Perhaps... just perhaps... these bankers uncovered something that led them to believe that while the markets were being manipulated, the manipulation was coming from a much deeper level or architecture than they ever imagined. Perhaps, my emailers were suggesting, it is time to look for the pattern - if any - not just among the bankers, but among those other "suspicious professional deaths". Or to put it "country simple", perhaps all that counter-intuitive behavior one sees emanating from the Western elites in recent years and events is not counter-intuitive, humanly speaking, at all. Perhaps all that multi-variable computer algorithmic modeling has summed up to something called Legion. Add in the rumors found on the internet occasionally that quantum computing "networks" already exist in the deepest recesses of the black projects world, stir, and one has quite a sauce.

See you on the flip side...