How to Get E-mail Reminders / Alerts for Live Vidchats

Rather than e-mail blast ever Giza member with reminders (many don't want or need them), we created a mechanism for Giza members to remind themselves of Giza events. 1. If you use google calendar, you can add any events on the GIza calendar to your own calendar, and specify reminders as often as you like. 2. You can do the same with iCal on a mac, and there is Outlook calendar integration as well. 3. If you don't use any of these, you can manually configure whatever calendar you use to keep your doctor appointments, whether it's paper or some mechanism in your head, to remind you. Google calendar is, of course, the most efficient tool in many ways, especially if you've upgraded to using gMail. 4. There are, of course, other calendar alternatives: [example] [example]. Look for one with reminders, and you're golden. 5. There are also just pure reminders with things like "Remember the Milk". However you choose to make your own shows, events, chats, and appointments, we felt it better not to put everyone in a single box. Cheers!

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