cosmic war


December 26, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

By way of a kind of Christmas gift, here's a short blog on a strange thing to ponder, and my second article about a hoax this week. The first question to ponder is, why are there articles like this?

Earlier this week I blogged about the Smithsonian giant-suppression story, and also about some recent findings concerning pyramid-shaped nano-antennae able to interact with the magnetic field of light. There was method to my madness, which madness we get to today. This very intriguing (if true) article was shared with us by Mr. A., and it concerns allegations that Sir William Flinders Petrie found, and concealed, four remarkable artifacts he allegedly found during his excavations and measurements at Giza. They are, (if you watch the video on the enclosed article):

  1. Two small "mummies" of humanoids about 3-4 feet tall, that, according to the computerized comment on the video, resemble the now infamous "Greys" of UFO lore;
  2. a carving of a strange creature, again resembling a "grey" but with curiously human-like lips, surrounded, so the commentary says, with "Egyptian" heiroglyphs that - to your author's eye - are a little "too convenient" to be believed (the commentator being eager, like so many, to implant "ET" into the discussion at every turn);
  3.  An alleged "ancient device" (which again, according to the "logic" of the commentator, just has to be ET), made of gold, a transparent cover, and rimmed with strange symbols not of an Egyptian character.

Here's the article (and video) in question:

Secret room uncovered behind top Egyptologist’s bookcase reveals possible alien artifacts

The article and video also go on to state, without any corroborating fact or reference, that some of these artifacts were taken by the Rockefellers, but returned to the Petrie museum (for some reason not explained).

Now, all my intuition cries loudly that all of this is hoax.

But what hoaxes of this nature sometimes conceal are kernels of truth. In a world where articles on appear, talking about nano-pyramid antennae beaming light in coupled arrays of such antennae, then it does make one wonder. Strange intricate mechanisms were not unknown to the ancient world, after all, consider the antikythera mechanism (which, thankfully, no one is proposing is an ET artifact). And in a world where it appears that there are ongoing academic and institutional cover-ups of the discomforting archeological find - giant humanoid skeletal remains come to mind - it takes no great leap of faith to imagine that if Sir William Petrie had found such things, he might have been induced to cover them up.

So here comes the question - and task - for the day: if this was a hoax, and why an obfuscated data set? why perpetrate such a crazy and pointless thing? But if there is any kernel of truth or any corroboration out there, where is it? So, while we're all recovering from too much food, and cleaning up after the festivities, this may be a fun one to occupy our time with today if you're so minded: I say hoax. But what say you? and why?

...and again, Merry Christmas everyone...