Cosmic Warfare


it seems fitting that we close out this year's - and this week's - blogs, a week in which we've been largely focused on space matters and NASA warp drive experiments, on strange projects in Russia called "Noah's Ark", with a story that returns us once again to humanity's long obsession with Mars, and the possibility that the Red Planet may once have been home to life, and that it may be home now to some form of life. Many of you sent this article to me, and this one is significant, for it is an indicator that NASA's long period of waffling on the question of Martian life - and there have been prior indicators - may be coming to an end:

Do we finally have proof of life on Mars? Unexplained methane 'burps' suggest bacteria is living on the red planet

NASA's Cusiosity Rover made the measurements, as the article notes, in Gale Crater, along with confirming the presence of water bound to Martian minerals. But here's the crux of the issue, as summarized by The Daily Mail article:

"Life is the chief producer of methane on Earth, but there are many non-biological processes that can also generate the gas.

"The low background level of methane detected by Curiosity can be explained by the sun's rays degrading organic material possibly deposited by meteors, said the Nasa scientists.

"But the spikes of methane required an additional source, which was unlikely to be a recent impact by comet or asteroid.

"Such an object would have had to measure several metres across and would have left a large crater - no sign of which was visible.

"The short time-scale of the methane spikes did not suggest that the gas was released from volcanic deposits trapped in ice, called clathrates either.

"Nor did it appear to come from the release of gaseous methane that had become bound to the soil."

In other words, by process of elimination, some sort of life appears to be a possible explanation and perhaps - within the context of other recent revelations concerning the presence of water in the same region - even a probable one. While NASA was guarded in its language, the possibility is now at least being admitted, as the article makes clear:
"The Nasa authors are cautious about jumping to conclusions, but conclude that 'methanogenesis' - the formation of methane by microbial bugs known as methanogens - may be one answer to the riddle.

"They wrote: 'Our measurements spanning a full Mars year indicate that trace quantities of methane are being generated on Mars by more than one mechanism or a combination of proposed mechanisms - including methanogenesis either today or released from past reservoirs, or both.'"(All emphases added)

For those who recall those experiments of Viking several years ago, and NASA's handling of them, this is a rather breathtaking "change of policy," for the possibility is at least now being admitted. And with that possibility, then 2015 may well see further experiments from the Curiosity Rover that will either confirm, or deny, this interpretation. But for now, if one looks at that last statement quoted above carefully, NASA has just come as close as it has ever come to saying "we have found evidence of non-terrestrial life on Mars."

2015 is going to be an interesting year...

See you on the flip side...


  1. I’m surprised no mention of this Martian artifact snapped by one of the rovers hasn’t been mentioned yet as it adds huge weight to a the Docs (and others) theories…

    If legit, then surely one of the most amazing discoveries never to be ‘officially’ recognised but I guess we’re all familiar with that playbook in this community.

  2. Frankie Calcutta

    Are these the aliens that the Roman Catholic Church hopes to baptize? Can bacteria go to heaven? What is the relationship between bacteria and plasma? Are bacteria and other microorganisms an interface for plasma beings to enter into our physical realm? Do angels and demons hide inside bacteria, viruses and fungi? (Think: space traveling psilocybin mushroom spores) What about kohanimogens who incessantly burp out the temptations that lead all of humanity astray in turns us into ungodly beasts? Is their prized mitochondrial DNA really a disguised bacteria hell-bent on dominance and destruction? I would be happy to exchange this pathogenic Earth bacteria for Mars bacteria, although I suspect these Mars methanogenic bacteria are already here beneath the surface of the Earth, deposited long ago as Earth was formed from the debris of some supenova and its orbiting satellites. A hibernating immigrant bacteria waiting to rise to the surface. (This same stellar debris might explain the otherwise inexplicable artifacts buried deep within the Earth: as a star and its planets explode, the remnants are scattered out into space only to be reformed into new planets. The Earth as an amalgamation of destroyed former planets from a deceased star? The answer to Michael Cremo’s forbidden archaeology? The Moon as an escaped planet that was released from a dying star’s gravitational pull as the star lost mass in its death throes, thus explaining the Moon’s one billion plus years of seniority to the planet Earth? Could the Moon’s artifacts then be from a civilization that didn’t even reside in our solar system? How many planets are just lonely wandering throughout the galaxy after their star dies? Was the Earth once such a lonely traveler?)

    Or, could it be that Earth’s methanogens are what once kept the Arctic and Antarctic temperate not so long ago? May they be waking from their slumber once again? Will we be able to once again settle along the shores of the Arctic Sea like in days of old worshipping our three months of Sun with our light-sensitive eyes while composing great spiritual works like the Vedas thanks to the delirium induced by methane gas? Is there a symbiotic relationship between Earth’s human Mars immigrants (the ones with Mar’s circadian rhythm) and Mars bacteria? Did the ancient Martian immigrants invoke the plasma beings living in this bacteria to do their bidding and warm the otherwise inhospitable regions of the Earth so the new immigrants could live unspotted by the evil Atlantean empire?

    Or, is it possible that Earth’s methanogens are a bacterial sleeper cell, deposited on Earth and signaled to rise up and attack Earth and its denizens when they dare to encroach on Mars and potentially disrupt the existence of the methanogens who reside so peacefully on Mars now? Could the crude and seemingly harmless Mars Rover be the trigger of our demise here on Earth in an apocalyptic bacterial attack? Is the true Cosmic War being fought between the far more ancient bacteria of our universe?

    Much to ponder. Maybe one day Dr. Farrell will address some of these perplexities in a webinar.

  3. I can see the clear admission of life on Mars by Nasa. The arbitrary notion that a meteor actually transferred life there somehow is a far fetched reality from the true. The answer has always been there but they want us to pretend it’s not. Even the pics from Curiosity posted on the Nasa JPL site leads viewers to look at other things when the proof is down below off to the side of the same frame. Zoom in on some of those pics and use your imagination. Happy New Year Everyone!!

  4. The significance of the martian civilization they are keeping from us is not that one existed,its the planet busting power that might have ended it,the one that makes an atom bomb look like a firecracker. This technology we all suspect the Nazi’s of trying to develope since WWII may indeed exist in our most speculative dreams and proof of it’s power may lie on the surface of Mars,indeed clues as to its source might be discovered on the red planet. The system doesn’t care if you know about extraterestial’s ,past or present. Anything important you couldn’t talk about even if you wanted to,even if you had to. You wouldn’t sleep for years if you became a problem to them and believe me,total lack of sleep will stop you within several weeks at the most,Bio-communications has its uses. This evidence on Mars may prove the Docs sunoco 260 speculation about many things,pray for him.

  5. And while im reading this, I’m watching a comical skit on a japanese channel with apparently an otherwordly representative
    (big elongated head, blue skin, pointy ears humanoid) Is in conference with officials. It’s a shame I couldn’t understand a word they’re saying

    1. Here’s one posted yesterday on RT, of a coffin and landing gear from Curiosity, very clear.

      Skipper has great pictures too! I happened to read where he advocates that we should negotiate with the elite and not hate them, it would be the best way to handle the whole situation.
      I also came across the same thinking yesterday by author & abductee Jim sparks, where he wants to give the elites amnesty. Wow after all the lying and wars, that’s a hard pill to swallow. I doubt if their ego’s would let them but could help the underlings to change course.

      1. Fruitcakes wish to give the global psychopaths who have pointlessly killed countless thousands or millions (while constantly fleecing all of us) some sort of amnesty or immunity. Yep, I have encountered such fruitcakes myself online. It is just an incredibly sick suggestion.

        All psychopaths on the face of the earth need to be strongly deterred from future action, and this necessitates that justice be served with regard to the global psychopaths who currently presume to rule us. Screw the fruitcakes who would run interference for unambiguously psychopathic human garbage, whether out of gullibility, stupidity, or cowardice. For once in this miserable fallen world, let justice be served.

          1. Well, they certainly should never walk the streets again for the danger they quite clearly pose to others. So it is either a life of confinement or death.

            One thing that long ago occurred to me is that those particular degenerates who actively sought to spy on every aspect of our lives, if you do not execute them, should be imprisoned buck naked within all glass structures in urban city centers (where there are plenty of viewers). This would of course include most or all of the Bush high command (pun intended) who implemented all this perverse spying on us, again, if you do not actually execute them (which may be a safer option for all of us). But imagine Junior Bush, Unka Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Admiral Poindexter, John Asscroft, the Supreme Court justices who approved something so blatantly unconstitutional, etc., all exposed in every waking moment of their lives for passers-by to freely gawk at and ridicule. This would only just begin to give them a taste of their own incredibly sick, twisted, and degenerate medicine. And above all, it would hammer home the point that, IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT DONE TO YOU, THEN YOU DO NOT DO IT TO OTHERS, for this seemingly long, forgotten point is the necessary foundation of any free and civilized society.

    2. The pictures from that link look very similar to integrated circuit layouts on a planetary scale. Wouldn’t that be amazing…

  6. A little too late NASA, for your breathtaking announcement that you are in the know. Your prestigious jobs and money won’t be of any benefit, (Most of you aren’t in the right club).
    Same with you NSA folks, so you might as well start whistling. Enquiring minds want to know.

  7. I too must tip my hat to RC Hoagland.. His findings have been serious red pill material for decades. I may not agree with some of his POV’s. However, I’m very grateful for the sacrifices he has made to get the truth out.

  8. So now the evidence for life on Mars has become so overwhelming that there are no more excuses to deny it. Now how about a full exploration of Cydonia to find out if intelligent life ever existed on the planet. They’re Afraid that we are not God’s only creation WalkingDead this is a living Universe the narcissistic turds that run this planet are terrified at that idea.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it just once again. The hell with the methane gas, theres a photograph of a shoe by sharps mountain on the website of Richard Hoagland “the mars rover pictures from the 2012 Mars landing expedition by sharps mountain.” A clear picture of a humanoid shoe and what appears to be a childs toy/model of some type of aircraft. The shoe is also child sized. If you trust Richard Hoagland and his web site than this is no internet Hoax,watch the last 5 minutes of the 2 hour seminaar on the 2012 Mars landing,then check out the rest of it. I believe this is as close as we normal citizens will ever get to the truth,sad as it may be that an entire civilization was destroyed,perhaps even a planet of people blown apart as well. I’m not sure I want to know it anymore.

  10. There are numerous sites on Mars that could answer this question far better than Gale crater. One has to question why we haven’t sent probes to these areas. If you’re going to spend the huge sums of money to send a probe to another planet, it should be obvious that you send your probe to the areas that would answer the most asked questions about the planet. You can still run the same “scientific tests” with the same instrument package, and you just might put other questions to rest at the same time.

    Just what are they afraid of…

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