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December 22, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now this one I simply have to comment about because, having written not one but three books on the most high octane speculation of them all, namely, Great Pyramid as Weapon Hypothesis, I find it highly interesting that mainstream science appears, after a fashion, to be catching up - at least in public - with what alternative researchers have long suspected: that pyramids act as antennae and in a unique fashion with light and magnetism. Consider this one, courtesy of our friends as, and courtesy of a regular reader here, Mr. G. lR, who brought it to my attention:

Pyramid nanoscale antennas beam light up and down

Consider these statements:

"A straight nanoscale antenna will mainly respond to the electric field of . This means that the effects of the of light, which holds half of the energy of light, are disregarded. For a long time this was not considered as an issue that could be solved, because most of the metals used to fabricate antennas do not respond to the magnetic field of light anyway.

"This changed recently, due to the rapid developments in metamaterial research. What seemed to be impossible in the past – making antennas that respond strongly to the magnetic field of light—can now be done by structuring metals on the nanoscale.

"With these ideas in mind, the AMOLF and Philips researchers built the pyramid shaped antenna. By carefully designing the height and inclination of the antenna's side walls, the researchers found that the response to the magnetic field of light is almost as strong as the response to the electric field of light.

"After witnessing the described effects in individual nanoscale antennas, the researchers took it one step further and placed multiple pyramid-shaped antennas in an array. The effect that the antennas have on each other turns out to be quite striking. At certain wavelengths (colours) of light, the antennas can couple to each other via the light that is scattered on the surface of the array. This makes the group of antennas more effective in beaming light than the sum of the individual antennas. In addition, the array may operate collectively at one wavelength, while at the same time the antennas operate individually at a different wavelength. Thus, the same array of pyramid-shaped antennas may beam light of a certain colour upward, and of a different colour downward."

Note that all this is being done with nano-scale antennae which appear to couple to and interact with the magnetic field of light and with the optical frequencies at that. But as readers of my Giza Death Star books will recall, the work of Dr. Patrick J. Flanagan long ago captured strange emissions from the apexes of pyramids, and that of the Cold War-era secret Soviet research with large pyramids seemed to confirm Flanaghan's and others' research. Which makes one wonder just what sort of effects would occur at much larger scales, and with non-linear piezo-electric and piezo-phonic materials like granite and limestone under immense stress of weight? Also of note in the article is the fact that these nano-scale pyramid antennae are inclined relatively sharply, which would seem to confirm the work of Ukrainian physicist Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets (whom I mentioned in the second and third pyramid books), who indicated that the Soviets found that the angle of inclination of the faces of a pyramid would allow the structures to act as either collectors/receivers, at low angles of inclination, or as antennae at high angles, or both.  More importantly, the article also suggests that the nano-pyramid antennae can also act in an array in relationship to each other, a statement with obvious implication for the network of pyramids around the world apparently erected on various points on "the world grid." And all of this in the context of the interaction with the magnetic field of light would seem to give new meaning to the meaning of the word "pyramid" itself, from the Greek meaning "fire" (pyr) "in the middle" or "in the midst."

All of this, of course, is an indicator, again, that whoever built the ancient structures of Giza and Teotihuacan perhaps knew far more than we give them credit for, or were perhaps acting on the basis of a knowledge passed down to them. Now, if physicists start experimenting with the dimensions of their nano-antennae pyramids, incorporating dimensional analogues to various features of local celestial mechanics or various physical constants, then we'll know something is afoot...
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