5 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM DEC 18 2014”

  1. Thank you for the message of Miss Hughes whose Byte shows I’ve enjoyed immensely. Not for nothing now that relations with Cuba are beginning to thaw I’d like to remind you that Cuba has one of the best success rates in curing cancer malodies.. Whether Miss Hughes’s insurance would cover a second outside america opinion is perhaps the sticking point but it may well be worth investigation. Many europeans over here go to Cuba when they feel their own medical systems are not up to snuff,the gov’t’s over here not upset over Cuban travel. China also a pioneer in stem cell developement for fighting serious disease but a big ,potentially dangerous, market for the vulnerable to enter unescorted. Please tell her everyone I know familiar with her work are praying for her and are thankful she has friends such as yourself to help her in her hour of need.

  2. You briefly mention towards the end of News And Views the possibility of off world gold deposits. The Moon, Mars, Mercury, the asteroids maybe Antarctica here on Earth. I leave out Venus due to high heat and pressures for the time being. With the secret space program could these planets and moons be a source for a secret slush fund of gold. Could this beside alchemy providing more gold reserves than is publicly acknowledged.

  3. Here is some commentary on the Zero Hedge article by a very competent analysis of the gold market and not at all a statist analyst. According to him the ZH has a lot of spin and he clarifies some of the facts and the clarification might take some of the whackadoodle speculation out of it but would be interesting to hearing Joseph’s on others thoughts on where Bron might be mistaken because I don’t see it. http://goldchat.blogspot.ie/2014/12/zero-hedge-fail-on-undocumented-gold.html

  4. Conventional analysis is out the window on a spectrum of subjects, when off world influences come to bear. Very interesting set of propositions all of which are plausible. It appears that anyone with a metals portfolio needs to sit up and listen. So, the question is, how does one position oneself against this kind of uncertainty? Not only in the metals market. But, in any market that this level of uncertainty exists. It is said the the MIC operates with tech 50 years ahead of what is commercially available. I would love to hear CAF’s take on this “News and Views”..

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