December 7, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many regulars here shared this article, and it grabbed my attention not only because of the inherent significance of its contents, but because of a dilemma that I have been wrestling with over the past few months and years. Indeed, today's "high octane speculation" goes far beyond those parameters, and might best be qualified as "totally wackadoodle" speculation. But back to that in a moment.

Consider first this article about temporal cloaking - a subject we've talked about before on this website - and a recently discovered "solution" to some of its inherent problems:

Time cloak used to hide messages in laser light

In other words, not only have technicians and scientists been able to remove information from the temporal stream, they are now able to recover it, provided they know the right frequency by which to do so:

"Last year, a team at Purdue University in Indiana built a cloak that could transfer hidden data at 1.5 gigabits a second, fast enough to make it theoretically useful for real communication. The only thing was, the message was hidden so well that no one could actually read it. That problem has now been solved.

"'With this new device, we don't just limit ourselves to thinking about cloaks as a way of preventing somebody from getting information, but also as a way to enable communication,' says Joseph Lukens, an electrical engineer at Purdue. 'One guy sees nothing, the other guy sees everything.'

"Lukens and his colleagues created two different communications channels using lasers tuned to two different frequencies. One is a regular frequency and the other is a time-cloaked channel that remains hidden unless you know it's there. Photons from each laser traveled along the same fibre, but the intended recipient just needs to tune in to the right channel to reveal the secret information."

Now for regulars here, I've been saying for quite some time that any implicit ability to engineer the fabric of (observable) space-time on the laboratory bench gives a potentially cosmic capability for destruction. But alternatively, it also gives a potential for cosmic re-engineering of reality at the most fundamental level, that of observed information. In effect, what the Purdue experiments imply is two levels of reality: the "matrix" reality of the everyday world you and I live in, and a hidden reality accessible to the "sysadmins" with the requisite keycode or frequency to tap into "temporally veiled information."

One can easily extrapolate where this might go: information could possibly be temporally cloaked until some time in the future, when it could be unlocked or accessed only at that time... an old-fashioned time lock on a bank vault.

Now imagine, for a moment, this type of technology applied to international and/or domestic financial clearing. Have some "bad paper" on the books that you need to shred? Why not "shred" it in the most effective way possible, via some sort of temporal cloaking, with the information - in this case in the form of trillions or quadrillions of dollars of electronic liquidity - only accessible to those with the right frequency, to be applied at the right time... ?

Why am I bothering you with all of this? Well recall, over the past several years, like many others I have wondered why all the predictions of hyper-inflation and the collapse of the dollar that we've heard the vast majority of conventionally-minded financial analysts making since Nixon took the USA off the Bretton-Woods agreement, have never occurred? Under normal circumstances, such predictions would have caused any scientist to go back and check the assumptions of his model. But neither has happened, neither the dollar-collapsing hyper-inflation, nor the re-examination of the "conventional" models of economics (which seem stuck in some Newtonian-like equivalent of "financial mechanics", unable to enter the age of "quantum economics"). Lots of current continues to be put into the circuit, but the hyper-inflation has yet to show up on the load end, a problem of analysis magnified many times over with all the QE ("quantitative easing" is the euphemism) undertaken in recent years. This failure has led me and a few others(Catherine Austin Fitts to name but one) to hypothesize that the money is in fact going "elsewhere," and we have speculated that it may be going off world in some form of trade or tribute.

But what if "somewhere" is, in fact, "somewhen"? Admittedly, this is speculation of such a "high octane" nature as to be "totally wackadoodle".  It does, however, have a certain simplistic elegance to it, for after all, if all debt-based fiat currency is a borrowing in the present from the future, against a principle that can under such circumstances never be repaid (at least in the present), then the way to "balance the books" is to shift all that liquidity to the future (where it will presumably be needed). Perhaps it is more than just coincidental that all those physics graduates of the 1970s and 1980s found themselves in the world of finance as "quants," designing the high frequency trading algorithms that employed their mathematical models from quantum mechanics. Perhaps one is looking at a bit of quantum mechanical financial alchemy, where one bit of information can not only be present at two different places at the same time, but in two different times at the same place, a kind of financial time machine. After all, delta t functions have as much presence in the mathematics of finance, as they do in physics... It does make one wonder.

See you on the flip side...