1. After the coup in kiev we now see a concerted effort in the middle east to prop up the next battle front with Nato supported ISIS. A female american journalist that uncovered the resupplying of arms and other logistical support to ISIS from within the turkish government was accidented in turkey,her sister claiming she was threated by turkish military personnel for her undercover work as a reporter,her live being threatened directlyseveral days before she was accidented, a strange circumstanced accident now being investigated by the turkish police. The US conselate of turkey remaining strangely silent and unresponcive to calls from her family to ask formerly for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident and what was leading up to it. Rothschild will not tolerate losing the easy money from a petro dollar world economy without a fight, and thats antwhere it can make one.

  2. I think it is interesting that ONLY 10 of ALL our representatives opposed this measure. I have been poking around the CA reps (formerly from CA, so I know the turf a little bit better there). Interesting — George Miller, Democrat, from what I would call affluent suburbs area (mostly, but with some poorer mix as it is a large district) and Dana Rohrabacher, Republican, from what I USED to call “John Birch country” but whose demographics have changed dramatically since I left Southern California 40+ years ago (now heavily Hispanic and more liberal. He replaced Loretta Sanchez (D). His past connections and voting record are very interesting, but I can’t draw a clear picture of it. Of German descet, was Reagan Press Manager then senior speech writer, supported by Ollie North in the early years, still talks about Osama bin Laden as if that were real. Was on the panel that investigated Murrah bombing and declared “no foreign power was involved.” (Duh…just us folks, here, and possibly some non-state types. So they don’t fit the description, right?) but also favors pulling out of Afghanistan (as in NOW, not a drawdown). He was also on the Space Committee and favors “full US supremacy in space.” Fully voted to use torture to combat terrorism.

    I don’t know where I am going with this. My original thesis was these were the only 10 not completely compromised by AIPAC. Would love to hear back from anyone else who is chasing the same rabbit down the hole…

    These were the 10 votes against:
    –California’s George Miller (D)
    –California’s Dana Rohrabacher (R)
    –Florida’s Alan Grayson (D)
    –Florida’s Alcee Hastings (D)
    –Kentucky’s Thomas Massie (R)
    –Michigan’s Justin Amash (R)
    –North Carolina’s Walter Jones (R)
    –Tennessee’s John Duncan (R)
    –Texas’s Beto O’Rourke (D)
    –Washington’s Jim McDermott (D)

  3. This payback by the House Of Representatives of the CSA for the Russian navy aid to those damn Yankee’s one hundred and fifty years ago. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Reminds of the resolution to change the French Fries
    to Freedom Fries.
    Indeed, Congress/Supreme Court/Pontus, leads the world, by example & in peacock living color, by showing how Freedom Fries.

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