December 2, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now in case you missed it (and for readers here, I doubt you could, since so many of you sent me various versions of this piece of news), yet another bankster has been suicided, and Mr. G.B. did a bit of additional leg work for which we are grateful, and tracked down some additional information, which we share here. Ms. Melissa Millan, 54, described as being a "senior vice-president at Mass Mutual" and a manager with Citigroup was found stabbed to death on a popular jogging trail near her home. Sadly, Ms. Millan was also a mother, and our hearts and prayers go out to her family at this time at the loss of their loved one in such a cruel and despicable manner:

MassMutual Senior Vice President Found Dead, Stabbed In Chest In Apparent Homicide

Now, while the Zero Hedge article does not give much to go on in terms of possible motivations for the murder, Mr. G.B. as I said, did some additional digging, pulling up Ms. Millan's LinkedIn profile. For those of you with access to LinkedIn, here's the link to her profile (and for those of you who don't have that access, be patient, I'll summarize):

Melissa Millan's Linked In Profile

Now, if one scrolls down a bit in this profile, one comes across this notation:

"Sr. Vice President

"MassMutual Insurance

– Present (8 years)

General management of BOLI, Executive Group Life, Worksite DI businesses, and expansion into worksite and voluntary benefits market."(Bold and italicized emphasis added)

This is extremely intriguing, for as many who have been tracking the banker suicide stories have noted, many of the victims had BOLI policies. BOLI, you'll recall, are "Bank-Owned Life Insurance" policies, payable to the bank if the person on whom the policy is issued suddenly decides to take walks off of tall bank buildings or to be stabbed to death on a jogging path. In other words, Ms. Millan was heavily involved in an aspect of the murky business of insurance and banking that would, possibly, have allowed her to "see" a pattern in the banker suicides and deaths that we do not see.

More importantly, her sad murder is corroboration that there is indeed something to BOLI aspect of the story. Indeed, one my view it as the first clear indicator of something to the insurance angle. But what might it be?

Here comes the high octane speculation of the day. Thus far the BOLI angle has been advanced by some to argue that these victims are being offed to cash in on their BOLI policies to prop up failing banks. But this angle has never seemed convincing to me, because there are simply too few banker deaths for such an explanation to make sense, even if those BOLI policies are for substantial amounts of money. The numbers, in short, do not seem to add up to be adequate for this explanation to make sense. However, as noted above, we now have a clear murder of someone involved with that end of the banking business, dealing explicitly with BOLI policies. At this juncture, let us factor in the deaths of some other bankers, among whom were some involved in FOREX (foreign exchange, i.e., currency and securities exchange), and, in the case of non-banker mortgage title business owner Richard Talley, someone involved in mortgage title investigation and clearing. So, assuming all these deaths to be related, what emerges from this?

In each of these cases, the deaths were of people who might have been in a position to see patterns (or, alternatively, of people whom someone else suspected of having seen a pattern). What connects BOLI(insurance), FOREX, and mortgages? If you've been following Catherine Austin Fitts' hypotheses and her story of massive mortgage fraud in HUD, or following my hypothesis of a hidden postwar system of finance, FOREX, insurance, and mortgage fraud and manipulation are the precise areas at which that hidden system interfaces with the public one. Each of these would also have been familiar with computerized transactions and high-frequency trading, and possibly with the opportunities these afforded for further manipulation and harvesting of money by that system.

So again, to my mind, the possibility remains open that whoever is committing these murders, they might not be coming, ultimately, from inside the banking and finance community, but rather, from inside the the various national security apparatuses behind the modern western system of international finance.

See you on the flip side...